Friday , Mar , 04 , 2011 J.N.

Sacramento Kings to Anaheim, California? Wow.

Southern California could form the trinity of NBA basketball:  Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers, and Anaheim Kings. I prefer Anaheim Royals since the Kings have been already taken by some hockey team in Los Angeles. The Maloofs can name the team “Anaheim Surfers” if they want. That would be all forms of awesome. Their uniforms would be made out of hemp promoted by Disney. What’s not to love? Black players with blond hair and white players with long blond hair unite. I’d pay to see that.

I can picture opposing teams yelling at the press conference, “I can’t believe we got our asses beat by surfer dudes.”Then laughing it off like the team is still not a threat even though they got beat. Weird eh? Will David Lee Roth even make a cameo? I sure hope so.

What’s wrong with Anaheim? The city has the Angels that won the pennant in 2002. The Anaheim Ducks won California’s first cup in 2007. They have Disneyland. It’s a title town primed for an NBA team. They have the Honda Center, which is NBA ready, complete with luxury suites. They will have major fan support. They even have Hooters nearby. Okay, so the team will be 35 minutes away from the Lakers and Clippers. There will be too many teams in So Cal. So?

The Maloofs have their reasons to pull out of Sacramento. Lack of revenue compared to other teams, their own financial problems with The Palms, and no new stadium are all causes. They did not just wake up one day and said, “Oh damn. We need to get the hell out of here.” This has been building up since the Las Vegas rumors came up 3 years ago. This sucks for the fans.

What can the NBA do about it? They can’t. Sacramento had their chance to build a new stadium since the early 2000s. Nothing got done. The Kings have to do what’s best for them.

I do not want the team to disappear like a fart in the wind. Relocation is the next best move. Las Vegas is out of the question because they do not have an NBA ready arena. The Thomas and Mack Center is ancient. Kansas City? The last thing the NBA wants is another small market team. What are they going to do? Move the team to Compton? San Diego? Seattle? New Mexico? Area 51?

I, for one, welcome the new overlords to Anaheim. I can imagine the opposing team’s reaction once they get off the bus.

C’mon guys. It cannot be that bad. DeMarcus Cousins would run Disneyland. That’s his town. Tyreke Evans takes over Hooters and the rest of the team takes over the beaches. What you know about Point Break?

This move is ultimately about the cash. No shock there. Sacramento is not bringing in enough coupled with the fact there is no brand new arena. I think they waited long enough. The Maloofs exhausted all options. They could have left years ago. Believe me, they tried to keep the team in Sac Town. I understand pissing on them because the team has a high chance of actually leaving. Pain is tough, but the surfers do not mind.


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