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Kevin Love = The Great White Hope or Empty Stat Padder?

Kevin Love is putting together an incredible season for the ages. 62 games played resulting in 57 double doubles and I’m not talking about burgers. He is on pace to break Moses Malone’s consecutive double -double streak. He had 10 games where he had 20+ rebounds and 28 games where he registered 15-19 rebounds. His numbers do not get more wins even at this unbelievable pace. People wondered if there will ever be another great white player like Larry Bird. Enter Kevin Love.

Yep, he’s white. And? This subject was brought up in many message boards earlier this year and the closet racists came out in full force. The Internet provides anonymity so trolls will make hit and run racist remarks. It’s the Wild Wild West of the Internet. YouTube gets a load and Xbox Live is the ultimate live racist warzone. I don’t get why skin color is an issue. Insecurities much?

And no, Blake Griffin does not count because he’s some kind of special – a destroyer of worlds. The Biracial Facial does not have time for trivial trivialities. The Vanilla Gorilla is much like Charlie Sheen, “A warlock with Adonis DNA and tiger’s blood.” The Griffin is something special.

Back to K-Love, he’s becoming a great fantasy stat player. Through 62 games, 20.9 points, 15.5 rebounds, FT .828, and 3PT .423 are sextacular numbers. Some people murmur, “But he doesn’t win games.” Correct. He doesn’t win games. What else is he supposed to do? Wins are based on team performance. Love is only one guy. The troubling issue is not that he’s white.

It is the fact that he’s being compared to Larry Bird.

The only thing they have in common is that they’re white. That is all. They do not have any similarities in their games. Larry Bird is a much superior all around baller. Love is the superior rebounder. That’s it. He will not match Bird’s greatness. Cheer up. Not all is lost. Magic Johnson said that there will never ever be another Larry Bird. It’s been official for the longest of times now. However, Kevin is going to be a perennial All-Star. He already made it from the worst team. He is a lock for All-Star going forward.

When he hit 31 points and 31 rebounds against the Knicks, $h*# was bananas. We wanted more. The Wolves won the game. It takes a spectacular effort for the victory?  I had to pause. Kevin Love is not an empty stats padder.  He’s a great second option, but a player that you cannot build around because of awful defense and lack of playmaking skills.

Here’s a golden gem, “He doesn’t make his teammates better.”

Love cannot turn a fresh hot steaming pile in to gold. The cast is young. They do not have any vets on the team. You can’t blame him although there is time to improve on defense. Statistically speaking, he is the Great White Hope and the Wolves’ best player. In short, the dude is a bad ass player to have in fantasy basketball. I personally think he’s an enigma who is misunderstood.


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