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Serious Discussion: 2011 Brandon Roy vol. What the fuss?

Courtesy of the – “There was a point in the first half, and I was thinking ‘You better not cry,”’ Roy said. “I mean, serious. I mean, there was a moment where I felt really sorry for myself. Then I was like, nah, you can’t be sorry for yourself. I’m a grown man, but there was a moment there that I felt sorry for myself. Especially when I think I can still help.” Troubles a’brewin’ up in Portland Trailblazer land. What’s up with Brandon Roy these days?

This is a bad move on a sensitive time since the Blazers are down two games against the Dallas Mavericks in the playoffs. Why did Roy have to resort to this tactic? This is just stupid going to the press. Brandon Roy is a five year veteran. Man up, my dude. Players, at this point, should most likely know how things go.

 “I just …. I just always thought I would be treated better. That was a little disappointing for me.”
$80 million wasn’t good enough? That’s really good compensation for a meniscus that is not coming back. The organization offered Roy this deal knowing that. That was a great gesture for everything he accomplished.  

“I think my nature I’ve never been one to confront. Never been the one to create controversy…”  
He confronted the issue head on and created controversy speaking to the media. What’s that saying again? Killed two birds with one stone or something, something.

“I come in the last sub of the first quarter … then OK, I’m in there for (2:36), then I play, then it’s the end of the quarter,” Roy said. “Then I start the second and Bam! I’m right back on the bench again. I mean, I don’t know what I could have done! Then I sit, and he puts Patty and Rudy in before me. I know physically I have to play, but mentally, how do I just go …”
Figure it out. All ball players know it’s tough to get consistent minutes. In Roy’s case, he has to earn his way back. There is no “deserving” here. His health and decline have shown that he has to earn everything again because it’s about trust. It’s simple – do the best with the minutes given. Build on that and then see what happens. His play has been trash thus far averaging 8 points and shooting .378 from the field since his return on February 23, 2011. Roy is currently averaging 1 point and shooting .0715 in two playoff games.

“’It’s OK! I’m going to play’ and be all giddy?”’
This is bush league and childish. How does “no playing time” sound? Brandon Roy can always step aside, put on a nice Giorgio Armani suit, and cheer from the sidelines. In his condition, Roy should be thankful to get any type of minutes.

Look, I’m not a judge. However, going public complaining and bickering during playoff time is stupid. This gives the organization more ammunition to send him home since he is a distraction now. Rabid fans are giving him crap because he got $80 million out of this. The fans have a right to do that because talking in this manner got him in to trouble especially with the “I just always thought I would be treated better” comment. This officially ends any present day Brandon Roy comebacks. He’s not going to be part of the Blazers going forward either. This also eliminated any chance the Blazers had at upsetting the Dallas Mavericks. He’s just too much of a distraction.

There is no team that is going to take him with bad knees and a huge contract. Brandon Roy is currently useless and bitter, too. The organization might have to negotiate a buyout, but that contract is too big. Portland might persuade a sucker GM to take him. Who knows.

I understand that having a beloved passion taken away is detrimental to anyone; mentally and emotionally. He’s getting handsomely compensated, though. Presently, Roy should ask himself “Am I hurting or helping the team?” There lies the answer. To put things into perspective, here are responses from anonymous posters –

  • “I wish I had that problem.”
  • “They hiring? i need a summer job haha”
  • “Or just appreciate the fact you’ve got a job. There’s millions out there who don’t have a job and have been trying to get one for a while. The unemployment rate is still high right now.”
  • “What you have is called a "good problem.”
  • “im just glad i get a paycheck after months of being unemployed.”
  • “i just found out today I make $7.25 an hour.”
  • “i’m getting fed peanut’s while this bitch can dine at red lobster……the nerve of you @%++*% smfh im still tight.”
  • “right now its manual labor but in 5 years i can get moved into the office.”
  • "It is sad that this is what life has come to. Being thankful for being in a situation that makes you unhappy. I wish I could just play hoops all day…"

Lesson learned – Do not complain to the press. Complain in private instead.


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