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Will Dwight Howard ever win MVP?

Are you stuck on a computer all day trying to look up Dwight Howard’s defensive impact numbers to justify his superiority over Derrick Rose for the 2011 MVP award or looking for pictures of Osama Bin Laden’s dead corpse?  Step up right in here, slim. No, I do not have any pictures of Osama, but I’m letting you know Derrick Rose got the MVP trophy locked up. What about next season? Let’s break down D-12 step by step right now to see if he has a good chance to win the coveted title in upcoming seasons. This is going to be a fun ride.

The Dwight Howard fan express is licking their wounds from a first round exit. He had a great individual series yet the team was horrible hence the early exit. The 2011 MVP debate came down to Rose and Howard for internet scavengers. Even though the post season has nothing to do with the trophy, many believe that the first round exit was further confirmation on suspicions about Dwight Howard’s game all along. What were the suspicions?

  • Howard does not make his teammates better.
  • He cannot hit free throws at a respectable rate for a big man, which is 70%.
  • He cannot control his temper.
  • He turns over the ball too much.

All of that were highlighted in the playoff series against the Atlanta Hawks. Yes, it is true. Howard does not make his teammates better. His assist percentage did not hit over 7 percent this season. Dwight only assisted on 7 percent of his teammates’ baskets. That is bad when compared to other superstar big men averages (Duncan 17.7%, Shaq 13%). Hakeem Olajuwon was great during the 1990s hovering around 15%. Howard is bad at passing and has worse court vision with 2.6% for the first round playoff series. He doesn’t hit the open man often and does not look for the right guy. He has to watch the tapes to correct this. Is he just trying to just beat the double and, if that fails, do a bail out pass to anyone open? Fix this.

Dwight Howard is terrible at the line. Punish the team for fouling too much by converting 70%. He does not accomplish this so the Magic cannot go to him during crunch time knowing that he sucks at the line.

He cost the team two games because of his emotions. He got suspended knowing that he racked up a lot of technicals. It is very tough, but Rose controlled his emotions getting hacked without getting any calls often. Man up. Furthermore, Howard’s cheap shots are stupid. Stop that.

He has a high turnover rate. He is already a poor passer with bad court vision. Now combine those traits with slippery hands. This is a terrible combination for any player. Fix this by doing more practice drills.

This is on Dwight Howard. These problems did not translate to more wins. He has to correct all of them to get it because his team will perform better and win more. Remedy 3 out of the 4 and he has a good chance of getting the MVP next season. We’ll see. I’m not sure if he can fix them with him being in the league 7 years. The problems are serious flaws. He is not getting the MVP ever if he does not fix anything – always a candidate, but not a winner. D-12 did not beat Derrick Rose this season. He has to go up against an improved Rose again next season along with Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, LaMarcus Aldridge, Chris Paul, and Dirk Nowitzki. Nope, I do not see it. Let this serve as motivation for him.

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