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Word to Dwight Howard – Leave Orlando.

Yes, you read that correctly. Right now, it is time to leave the Orlando Magic organization. I know Mickey Mouse and the Funky Bunch are hurting right now and this one will send them over the edge, but lettuce be cereal. The current roster is terrible. The team regressed after the 2009 Finals. No regrets, no remorse. General Otis Smith had plenty of time to build a quality roster. He actually did that yet somehow messed everything up.

Dwight Howard recently blogged about his love for Orlando, but did not mention anything about officially signing the extension. It’s time to call him out on it. I do not care about his love for Orlando. That’s great. What about that extension?

“We weren’t the best team or the most talented team in the NBA, but we played hard.”
He knows what’s up. The team is trash. His crew has been hollering in his ear about this, too. This is not a good sign. Dwight Howard openly acknowledges that his current team isn’t good.

“People started asking me about my contract right after we lost even though I have a contract through next season. It’s not like I was thinking about that stuff right away, and really my answer is going to be the same next season: I’m a member of the Magic, I love the Magic and I’m just focused on trying to bring a title to the city of Orlando.”
Then sign that extension. It’s been on the table for how long now? That last line is crap because LeBron James said the same thing about Cleveland. I know they’re different people, but this is bad. Sign the paper already and get on with it.

“Magic fans in Orlando and everywhere else deserve a championship. Our fans have been so faithful and have always supported everything that I have done in my seven years in the league, and I’d love nothing more than to get this thing right and bring a championship to Orlando next season. I want to thank the people out there who have created some websites trying to keep me in Orlando. That means a lot to me seeing that outpouring of love. I’ll never be able to thank each and every one of you Magic fans out there, but your cheers and support keep me driving and pushing to better myself so we can win a title here.”
Cool. This doesn’t mean much though. He mainly left it at next season. That is all. Nowhere did he mention that he signed on the dotted line. Actions mean more than words. Okay, it is great that he loves Orlando. Now let’s sign that contract. No? I’m waiting. Still haven’t signed it? Come on, dude. What’s the hold up? I do not want to hear from Orlando Magic fans that Howard is playing it smart by not signing because he has to see what Otis Smith can do.

Nope. That’s not going to work here. Cleveland fans used that same excuse for LeBron. Howard’s message is pointless. End the speculation. Sign the deal. He is putting pressure on management? Nope. Otis Smith was already under the gun after the 2009 Finals. The only way for the Magic to win is to get a super guard like Chris Paul. Chances are very slim. I would not bet on it.



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