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W’Sup with the Lakers in the playoffs?

I’m sitting here listening to Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack.” Peep his pimp hand in the music video as he crushes it in front of his ex. That is some grimy ass stuff. Nuff said. If I ever was a wrestler, that is probably my entrance song. Mark Morrison looks like a cross between Grace Jones and DMX, though. The song has nothing to do with Pau and Kobe. Sometimes, it is nice to go back to simpler times. In 2011 Laker land, things are complicated.

A friend asked, “Sup with the Lakers?” I didn’t care. I started to do some investigations and dug up some stuff. Pau Gasol has been sucking it up lately. What’s up with this dude? Somebody tell me the bigger picture and where this is going. Right now, his production is awful. The highlight was getting out-rebounded by Chris Paul. Wow. Interesting. What happened? 13.7 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 4.1 assists @ .522 TS%. That is not getting the job done. This is the cliché usual task of being weak minded. The Lakers should be dominating yet they are not. Gasol takes some blame here. There is no need to analyze the similarities between Pau and tissue paper. That has been done over and over.

So what’s up with Kobe Bean Bryant? He scored 36 points in game 1 against Dallas, but did not register any assists. My friend said, “They were attempted assists.” That explains it. He attempted to pass the ball then changed his mind. At least he tried. After that, Kobe comes out saying this, “It had nothing to do with me." Huh? Whoa.

C’mon Kobe. You have to take the blame, too. Just say, “Put it on me. My back is strong.” That’s all we needed. He is to blame for not getting the ball enough to Pau and Bynum since he has it most of the time.  Black Mamba did throw his team under the bus for not getting the twin towers the ball enough, too. That is fine. There is plenty of blame to go around.

The loss was not contingent on Kobe’s trip and Pau Gasol’s turnover at the end of game 1. The loss wasn’t dependent on Kobe’s missed shot either. It was defense and not moving the ball around enough.

The Lakers are guaranteed victors when this series finish.

Except that these things are adding up. They will get to the Finals, but a three peat is becoming less and less likely as the team goes deeper. The Lakers are not commanding victories compared to past championship runs. They are currently having trouble dominating games with a healthy Andrew Bynum. That’s a red flag. Kobe is not getting to the charity stripe a lot either. Against the New Orleans Hornets, they blew out them out in games 3, 5, and 6. That was expected. Lakers still had a tough time. Do not expect that against the Dallas Mavericks where the margin for error is smaller. The point differential will be close, too. Ron Artest cannot go 1-8 from the field like he did in game 1.

Things to notice whenever Lakers lose –

  • Kobe is not getting to the line enough.
  • Pau Gasol is not stepping up.
  • Kobe is not getting assists.
  • Lamar Odom didn’t show up.
  • Ron Artest’s erratic shooting.
  • Defense is terrible.

Combinations of these things are usually found in losses or tight games and they are coming up more often. That’s not a good look. That’s what’s up with the Lakers.


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