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For the last time, the NBA Draft Lottery is not rigged.

This comes up before every lottery. What’s the big deal? Of course the blasted thing is rigged! Those men in nice suits sitting there behind podiums are spending millions of dollars each year to field the best team they can put on. They have to appear at the lottery knowing that whole thing is rigged, right? You’re going to cite the Patrick Ewing lottery, eh? Please do not. That has been done over and over. Realize that if your team is in the lottery, they suck and need help.

Conspiracy theorists love to analyze the infamous 1985 NBA Draft lottery video and come up with the bent envelope theory or frozen envelope idea. David Stern is rigging the entire thing before our eyes? No way. He doesn’t have the balls to do that. Wait, did he just do that? Look, he did not. People’s reputation and money are on the line. Every year, every team has reasons on why the lottery is rigged if they did not get the number one pick. Look at 2011. Examine the first ten picks and every team has a reason, from outsiders, if they got the number one selection.

10. Milwaukee Bucks – Brandon Jennings and Andrew Bogut are not working out. The team has been bottom dwelling for a long time. The number one pick would give them a morale boost instead of being Chicago’s punching bag.

9. Charlotte Bobcats – They’re stuck in NBA hell. Bad contracts, bad player management, and no young star are discouraging problems that plague the franchise. Having the number one slot would help out Michael Jordan.

8. Detroit Pistons – The entire city of Detroit is in ruins. Eminem cannot save them all. Getting number one would help them out a lot while having something to cheer about. Now where is that Robocop statue?

7. Sacramento Kings – Acquiring the pick will guarantee them staying in Sacramento instead of relocating to Anaheim. Needs more cow bell.

6. Washington Wizards – Help out John Wall and fix the Gilbert Arenas gun fiasco.

5. Toronto Raptors – They’re terrible. Ensuring the number one pick helps keep the team relevant to stay put in Canada.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers – LeBron James and his head band.

3. Utah Jazz – The Deron Williams’ fiasco and team rebuild. Losing a franchise player hurts. No superstar wants to sign with Utah when they become free agents.

2. Minnesota Timberwolves – Ricky Rubio has not come over yet. Kevin Love needs help. David Kahn is crazy.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers – See LeBron again.

As you can see, every fan base will make up theories to say that the lottery is rigged when every single team has every reason to get the top slot in any lottery in any year. Chicago Bulls had 1.7% to land Derrick Rose back in 2008. They got him. Was it rigged? Nope. He is a hometown boy coming home to cast a new shadow that Michael Jordan currently holds. The Bulls has not had any superstar. Give them Derrick Rose.

How would David Stern know that Rose would become a superstar? There’s a chance that he could bust, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. The point stands: How did he know? Listen up; if your team did not make the playoffs then you have a chance to get the number one pick. If it was rigged, someone within that room with the ping pong balls would have came out and said something with definite proof.

If you truly believe that it is rigged then why do you continue to watch the NBA?

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