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The Miami Heat Big 3 = just big floppers?

What is going on with the Miami Heat? I thought these guys were unstoppable. What the hell happened? That game 2 of the NBA Finals is what happened. Wow. What a choke job, man. Damn. LeBron and Wade all celebrating when they were up by 15 points. Someone should have told them that there was still a lot of time left to play; about 7 minutes right? That is a lifetime in the NBA. No matter how big the lead, it can evaporate quickly as proven in game 2. Wow.

The Mavs went on a 22-5 run to close the game after Wade hit that side line three and then celebrated with LeBron James in front of the Mavericks bench.

Wade was not celebrating, but LeBron made a spectacle. Celebrations happen all the time. It’s not a big deal although Jason Terry and Tyson Chandler made a big deal out of it. Good. It motivated them to come back. A 15 point lead disappeared with Wade and LeBron at the helm. They choked harder than Jenna Jameson. No one should be dismissing this. I hear people already saying “It’s just one game.” Seriously? Hell no. You cannot write it off like it didn’t happen because this is the Finals. Deal with it. The choke job happened. We witnessed.

What does this do to their psyche?

The Heat better find a way to move on and learn from this. Simply put, do not let it happen again. This is easier said than done because this is ingrained in their minds. They’re heading back to Dallas for 3 straight games. If Dallas wins game 3 then that means that Dallas has the momentum. If Dallas wins game 4 then that’s 3-1. The team with that advantage usually wins out most of the time. Game 3 is crucial for Miami.

The issue that annoys me, besides the grand choke, is the flopping. Enough. These are desperate tactics by desperate men. The flopping is embarrassing. Even if you are a diehard Heat fan, there has to be embarrassment somewhere. Manu Ginobili and Derek Fisher are the best floppers in the league, but Chris Bosh, LeBron, and Wade are gunning for that title.

At first, the flopping was funny. Then it got annoying. Then it got stupid. Then it got people angry. Now it is back to funny. The NBA needs to crack down on this. In hockey, players get fined or possibly suspended for diving. The Heatles proved something – they are terrible actors. Make it subtle. Act natural.They couldn’t even do that. I cannot give them an Oscar, but Tony awards for all.

The Bosh flop against Chicago Bulls’ Carlos Boozer was funny because of the delayed reaction.

The LeBron James flop against Derrick Rose in the Conference Finals was annoying because he laughed and winked making it obvious that he faked it all along.

The Dwyane Wade flop at the end of game 2 was desperate measures at desperate times. He even had a delayed reaction. If you watch it again, he shot the ball and watched to see if it went in. When he realized he missed, he dove and begged for the ref for a call holding his left eye.

On national television in the NBA Finals, son? Roflcopter. I’m a huge fan. I cannot wait to see more.

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