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Break up the Dwyane Wade/LeBron James duo.

Do not blow up the Miami Heat. I repeat – do not blow the team up. That’s a stupid idea because they just made the NBA Finals. Yes, they actually reached the NBA Finals. It’s tough just to get there. I do not comprehend a complete blow up of the team by any stretch of the imagination. Pat Riley is not going to do that. It’s just dumb. However, they should break up the tandem of Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. I am serious and will explain why. 


Apologies to Miami Heat fans; whoever is left.  The Miami Heat’s season was a failure and this is only the beginning. The time is now and the Heatles failed. Regardless of the hate, the 2011 NBA Finals against Dirk Nowitzki’s Dallas Mavericks was their best shot to win a championship. No more bashing on the Heat needed. We are not doing this here. It’s too easy to shit talk about them. Instead, let’s just examine the present – the here and now. 
“Okay, break them up. Who do you trade – Wade or LeBron?”
Answer – LeBron. 
“Why LeBron?”
Answer – Wade came up big in the NBA Finals: 26.5 points, 7 rebounds, 5.2 assists, 1.5 steals, and 1.5 blocks. He singlehandedly won 2 games in the Finals for Miami. His PER was floating above 40 at one point. However, LeBron was terrible at the ultimate stage especially in the fourth quarter. Efficiency rating is 23.7 for the entire 2011 playoff run, which is close to his playoff efficiency when he was 21. 17.8 points per game average in 2011 Finals – that’s bad. LeBron and Wade still have not mesh. It’s likely they never will. 
“What the hell do you mean they never will? Give them more time.”
 Answer – They had more than enough time during training camp, preseason, and regular season. 
“You don’t know if they will never sync up. Let’s wait and see.”
Answer – Let’s not. I just said that they had more than enough time.  I do not need to repeat myself. No more waiting. The duo and the team were built to win the title now. They did not do it. 
“Dude, they’ll get better. Trust me. Titles galore.” 
Answer – Wade and James are as good as they get. Wade is in his prime right now at 29 years old. LeBron is 26. You’d think LeBron still has a chance to get better, but that’s not going to happen because his history does not show that. Each season after his rookie season, he did not add anything new. Don’t believe me? Go watch the tapes. You have to see how he is getting things done. The statistics do not show this.  Currently, he has no post up game and fade-away jump shot. James used to be aggressive, too. Now, he’s settling for jumpers. 
“You’re such a douche. Keep them together. Patch the holes on the team. Titles galore.”
Answer – Nope. That is interesting though, but no. Half of the team is old except for Chalmers, Haslem, Wade, Bosh, Anthony, and James. Since this super team did not win the title, do not expect players ring chasing to Miami like Juwan Howard, Mike Miller, Erick Dampier, and Mike Bibby did. Furthermore, we have to see about the new collective bargaining agreement. Miami would be hit hard if there is no MLE. 
“What about Eric Spoelstra?”
Answer – What about him?
“Break up Wade and James? Stupid idea.”
Answer – The team will never win a championship then. The Heatles can reach the Finals, but can’t win it all as shown against Dirk’s Mavs. It’s the “not good enough to cut the mustard, but good enough to lick the jar” type thing.  
“LeBron James just has to learn how to play off the ball.”
Answer – Laughable. Why can’t Wade do that, too? Look, LeBron cannot do this. He has played his entire life of basketball as the primary ball handler. This goes for Wade as well. Now you want James to learn how to play this style like Ray Allen and Reggie Miller? Nope. Just no, ok? Don’t bet on this. This is like telling Rajon Rondo to get a jump shot. 
There you have it. Do not blow up the team, but hit the eject button on Wade and James. That was their best shot. I say that it was their best shot because Derrick Rose’s Chicago Bulls, Durant/Westbrook Thunder, Memphis Grizzlies, New York Knicks, Indiana Pacers, where ever Dwight Howard goes, and a surprise team will all get better with the Bulls being their biggest threat. The Mavs also has a chance to repeat. The path gets harder just to get back to the Finals. 
One more thing, there is something going on between James and Wade on the court that needs to be addressed. It’s the inevitable “ego” problem. These two still have not figured it out. This showed up again in the Finals. Since they cannot mesh, it will not matter how Pat Riley fixes the team. It’s done. 
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