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Things that are annoying

The NBA season has been a long ride. This was one of the most anticipated seasons I can remember because of the Heatles and Kobe Bryant’s potential three-peat as the Lakers’ alpha dog. I know we’re not going to agree with many stuff because this all opinion much like how many NBA writers are migrating over to write opinionated pieces more than ever. I am shocked that not many people point out the junk that makes it on television. Some of it doesn’t even make sense. 


The basketball sportsmanship commercial
What the hell was that? This has nothing to do with sportsmanship at all after I first viewed it. After multiple viewings, the commercial became funny. The kid confessed that he touched the ball last to his head coach during the last seconds of the championship game. His teammates got angry and the coach rolled his eyes. Just like any punk, the coach caved in to the player. The player ended up telling the referee. 
Let’s get one thing straight – this was not about sportsmanship. This was about being a snitch. First, this was all on the referee. It’s his fault that he did not get the right call. Second, how did the player know that he truly touched it last? I am willing to concede that he bet on the game and was trying to dump. That’s the only reasonable explanation. Third, snitches get stitches. I’m pretty sure his boys messed him up after the game with the coach getting a good kick while the kid was on the ground unconscious. 
The sportsmanship message delivery was a fail. The execution was bad. Here are better sportsmanship examples:
  • Helping someone up after getting knocked down. 
  • Shaking hands after the game. 
  • Accept the blame after a loss. 
  • Check the opponent if you injured him. 
Alex, the kid who claimed “I touched it,” ruined his college status with this stunt. The commercial made people angry. What’s up with the "I touched it" line? It’s awkward and seemed like he touched someone else’s penis or something. Furthermore, the cheesy early 1990s rock used in the public service announcement was terrible. This is the type of music used in early 1990s era instructional math and science laser discs explaining to us how those subjects are awesome. It’s not just rock. It’s super rock. 
The continuing Heat updates about LeBron – One word: So?
Rumors on trades via Twitter – Stop it. Stop passing off rumors as legit trades on this platform. 
The next NBA 2K demo only available behind closed doors at the Electronic Entertainment Expo – 2K Sports was probably not ready to show the demo, but I cannot accept that because the entire game is usually released a few months from now. They should be ready with the demo at E3. This is annoying when basketball fans show up, in person or online, to see a video demo and hands on review. The demo is usually half assed anyway. Gamers understand that. We just want to see the latest visuals and newest stuff added. How difficult is that? 2K should not be worried about the competition. Electronic Arts is the least of their concerns. NBA Live is dead and NBA Elite was dead before it even started. 
The latest NBA Jam was a bust. The game was terrible for anyone who bought it. 
The game did not have a half time show. The game was too focused about dunking. The in-game physics were weird. I do not understand why they focused so much on super jumps and dunks. That ruined the spirit of the past NBA Jams. The music was bland and generic; forgettable stuff all around after all that hype. 
Charge calls – Ugh. Meh. Clean that ish up. 
Yes. I’m mad. 
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