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The NBA Lockout is here. Go planking!

The time is here to be liberated from the NBA shackles. Some of us were waiting in anticipation to the excitement that the lockout brings. When July 1, 2011 arrived at midnight, did you have a party just like New Year’s Eve? Of course not. Shit was depressing. Countless hours of watching pro basketball might be eliminated when November rolls around. No free agency during the summer. No trades. No rookie summer league. Nothing. If you’re not a fan of Major League Baseball or any other sport then meh. 

To further get updated with the times, here are some recommendations for activities to do. There is sunlight outside, guys. No basketball? No problem. Get a ball. Find some courts. Call up friends. Get out there. Whatever you do, do not do anything stupid like play in traffic like some test tube baby. 
For fans of basketball back in 1998, we’ve been here before. Honestly, I barely remember that being a huge deal because the National Football League saved the day. Michael Jordan retired and the Chicago Bulls broke up so I didn’t care for the NBA that much after that lockout occurred. I also played a lot of basketball and enjoyed the Nintendo 64 and Playstation.
There’s soccer and FIBA for international fans. There is also yet another cooking show headed by Gordon Ramsey. 
Today, the times are different especially with social networking. One thing remains the same and battle tested – playing basketball. That’s what got us as NBA fans in the first place. There are many of you dreading over the long hot summer like the rapper Masta Ace. Don’t be. There is nothing to dread over. It’s just basketball. However, there might not be an NFL season to save many of us either since they’re dealing with their own lockout. 
  • Pop off fireworks for July 4th. If you have anything left over, shoot some once a week preferably around midnight. Try not to cause brushfires and other unnecessary fires, eh? Idiots. 
  • Catch up on what the hipsters are wearing. Big dorky glasses and tight ass jeans are the rage for some reason I don’t know. Don’t ask. 
  • Major League Baseball. If you’re a fan, go for it. 
  • Following hockey’s free agency news. 
  • Catch up on the movies you missed. 
  • Explore. Stay active. Travel if you have time and money. 
  • NBA 2K11 should keep you busy for some time. NBA 2K12 will probably not do any good for awhile. 
  • Pick up a hobby; anything harmless is preferred. 
  • Research on Lil B the BasedGod.
  • Learn how to do the Dougie. 
The number one thing you should try is PLANKING. That’s the new thing these days. Planking has been around since early 2000, but the trend picked up steam recently. Your favorite basketball player might be doing this if you follow them on Twitter.  Dwight Howard and Gilbert Arenas have been the NBA Planking Brothers. See their exploits. 
This just screams, "Get me out of Orlando." 
Yep. That’s Gilbert Arenas on top of a car. 
Yep. Even Austin Daye got in to the act. 
If that doesn’t work for you, grab some popcorn and some soda. Watch a good documentary about the Seattle Supersonics relocating to become the Oklahoma City Thunder called “Sonicsgate.” Thank me later. 
Or troll below. 
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