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2011 NBA Lockout – Players & Owners

The NBA has not missed any games for the upcoming season just yet. It’s still the summer after all. We’ll just have to see if the player’s union and owners can work out a new collective bargaining agreement in the upcoming months. The problem is they are too far apart on everything. Go ahead and head on over to the NBA’s main site to educate yourself on the terms and what they’re disagreeing on. The players and owners hate each other every day yet they cannot live without each other. 

From past negotiations and former players, such as David Robinson, Antonio Davis, and Kenny Smith attest, the owners and David Stern do not actually negotiate. They talk amongst each other then spit out demands, or better known as a Christmas list, and wait it out until the players accept or not. That is how it’s done. Sometimes Stern would say something and then leave minutes after arriving in the board room. This is not even putting in to account the endless debates and emotions that make the “negotiations” drag on. Upon further examination, this particular process is a waste of time. This type of trolling makes a lot of people angry. 
They take days, perhaps weeks off, then come back to talk. Anyone can see why this takes a long time. The emotions kill the progress. Logical heads prevail. 
To the point, this is what the owners are currently seeking – “Hey. Give back some money like lowering the basketball related income stuff. We want a hard cap of $45 million, too. Yes, we know we fucked up giving some of you guys big contracts that you’re not worth, but please save us from ourselves. It’s your fault anyway. We do not want guaranteed contracts either. The flex cap is a great compromise. Look, man. 22 out of 30 teams are losing money. Help us out. The Avian water is free though.”
This is what the players want – “Nothing is broken. It’s good as it is. Okay look, we will lower the basketball related income just a bit. You want a hard cap? We’ll give you a stiff one in your mouth. You guys are losing money? How is that our fault? You offered those big mega deals. We just smile and sign them. We’re giving up too much here. A flex cap is a hard cap, brah. Stop playing. No guaranteed contracts either? Well, this is going to be a long hot summer. We’ll take all of your Avian water, too. Back up the truck, fellas.”
You cannot blame the players for not wanting to fix anything. With that said, you cannot blame the owners to put forth major tweaks to help the small market teams stay competitive against the big market teams that attract most of the big name talent. 
This is what I do not understand; the 2010-2011 salary cap is $58.044 million. The owners demand that a $45 million hard cap to be in place. The players lost a lot here while the owners did not lose anything. They also want the elimination of guaranteed contracts and more concessions.
I understand that small market teams have to overpay for mediocre talent to remain competitive. I also see why players try to get the most out of it because they only play for a limited time. Figure it out, guys. 
The fans do not care about any of this. We’re the ones who get screwed. We just want NBA basketball up and running in late October/early November. So who would you side with? Owners or players?
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