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The players are leaving.

It’s not a mass exodus although notable players are taking off to become international ballers. As this is happening, some fans were saying that the NBA is in better shape than the NFL. Uh how so? Are you oblivious? The NFL is about to reach an agreement to end the lockout. Where is the NBA? I’m not even sure if they are even negotiating right now. The players and owners are too far apart. There are some owners against owners. As a result, the players are leaving. 

Currently, the list is a “who is who” in the league. Deron Williams has officially stated that he is going on an exploration with Besiktas despite the Turkish team not paying their own players well. Besiktas is sending feelers to Kobe Bryant. Amar’e Stoudemire changed his mind and wants to play somewhere overseas. Derrick Rose, Kobe, and Kevin Durant are going to the Philippines to show them what’s up, which is typical stuff – not much to think about there. Tony Parker is considering France if the lockout passes January. Dwight Howard is looking into it. Joakim Noah is going 100% for France this summer. 
The biggest news is Jordan Farmar thinking about the Israeli League. Stop the presses. 
Jordan Farmar? No. Just no. This lockout stuff is too much. In all seriousness, it’s fine that the players are taking off. What’s the harm? Injuries? Don’t feed the trolls that. People get injured everyday whether it is Carlos Boozer tripping over a bag breaking his hand or during training. Shit happens. We cannot control that. 
Next thing you’ll know, Nate Robinson might try out for the National Football League. Oh wait. Give them hell, Nate. Sonny Weems joined Zalgiris Kaunas. Metta World Peace plans to play in the United Kingdom. 
The players are not looking for leverage against the owners by doing this. They’re not even thinking about that. They just want to make some cash and have some kind of paid vacation in another country. There is absolutely nothing wrong especially with the lockout possibly eliminating a season of NBA basketball. They need to stay in shape, too. Just go and enjoy, you know?  Who gives a damn if the owners do not like any of the players playing anywhere else? So?
This was expected. No surprise. The owners should be happy that the players are proactive. Do they really want players to get fat? Keep being stubborn and many more players will find deals over there. Are the owners in trouble? Right now, no. Long term? Yep. Shut down the league for a year and many fans are lost.
Are the players in similar ground? Yep. Both sides want to keep getting money. Owners know that once the lockout ends, all of these international defects will come right back because this is where the money is made. This is the highest level of competition. This is where the average NBA salary is nearly $5 million. What’s not to love? 
As a fan, I just want resolution right now. I do not care what they come up with. Just get that shit done. I speak for all fans. A player leaving to play for another country is not a problem. It just sucks that they will be playing this summer somewhere and I can’t watch any of the games. 
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