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Disrespectful Moments in NBA History

When players claim that they’re pondering about retirement, usually that means that they are quitting the game. Once the word “retirement” enters their mind, they will choose that option. It’s the end. The only way to get out of that thought is youth. The youth will usually say that when they cannot handle defeat well. That’s it. However, after these disrespecting moments, these guys should have quit shortly thereafter. This stuff is embarrassing and makes grown men cry.

We have seen disrespectful stuff over the years in sports. Hell, we probably got caught in a few moments in real life. Admit it – somebody got you. I do not condone physical violence, but if you have to resort to such tactics then by all means; have at it. That’s just a street thing. We understand this. It’s a silent understanding. We get it. Got it. Now let’s body someone. Are you ready?

Grown men can do some punk things on the court. Tactics can be considered cheap. Emotions are useless because most things are not worth fighting over. The issue of disrespect comes up a lot and we do not care. You liked to get stepped on? You will get stepped on. Here are the top four most disrespectful things to ever occur on an NBA occur (in my opinion). This is not about getting dunked on. This about getting in someone’s face and saying “Yep. I did that ish. Wut chu gonna do about it?”

Scottie Pippen over Patrick Ewing (the aftermath)

The Set Up: 1994 NBA Playoffs. Michael Jordan retired. The New York Knicks smelled blood and thought they had it easy. Scottie Pippen said, “Hold DAT!” Pippen just didn’t give a damn since Pippen Ain’t Easy, bro. Charles Oakley, Patrick Ewing, John Starks, and the ghost of Kenny Walker’s hair came into the building to finally take Chicago. I do not want to give spoilers, but New York finally took it. Scottie Pippen gave them a parting gift to remember though.

The Dunk: Pip smashed on Ewing.

The Disrespect: Pippen stood over Ewing letting him smell his crotch. He then went over to Spike Lee and told him, “Sit ya ass down.” Ewing didn’t do anything. The New York Knicks didn’t do anything. Spike Lee could not save them.

Allen Iverson versus Tyronn Lue

The Set Up: 2001 NBA Finals. Staples Center. Iverson rocking the corn-rows. Most people picked Lakers for the win, but no one expected a game one lost. The Answer provided answers nailing a clutch jumper over Lue.

The Shot: Iverson made one over Lue who was pretty much all over Iverson’s jock.

The Disrespect: Iverson steps over Tyronn Lue who fell to the ground. He also said something to him. I would not be surprised if Iverson said, “You just don’t know. I’ll explain when you get older.”

Rafer Alston versus Eddie House

The Set Up: Orlando Magic versus Boston Celtics. 2009 NBA Playoffs. Grueling series. Who wants it more?

The Situation: Eddie House did something Rafer Alston AKA Skip to My Lou. Something annoyed him; most likely jump shots.

The Disrespect: Skip straight up slapped Eddie House on the back of the head ruffling House’s headband like he didn’t make Skip his sandwich or something. Did House forget to clean his room? Forget to take out the trash? That’s just blatant disrespect treating a grown man like a child.

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