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Drew vs. Goodman League at Cal State Long Beach – Celebrity Game adventures

I recently questioned why street ball games are special. Why the hype? The answer arrived on a Sunday night at Cal State Long Beach. The game took place at The Pyramid stadium. If you ever drive past it, you can mistake the blue pyramid as a cheap imitation of Las Vegas. As it is in SoCal (Southern California), the day was hot. I know it was since my contact lens dried up. Bah. Humbug. Manufacturing tears to keep the contacts glued to my eyes is hard work so I had to remind myself that the  2011-2012 NBA season is gone. Now I know how it feels like when doves cry.


Real talk, I was salty. I was mad salty. Kobe Bryant was rumored to play for this game, but the rumors died as my friend confirmed that he’s not going to be there. However, John Wall made up for that. I’ll explain more later. Before I talk about the actual game, I need to retrace my steps.

The main entry line was long, but not for will call. I am specifically mentioning the will call line because someone said that the line for will call was long, too. That was not true. I got my tickets within 5 minutes. This is significant because I did not want to arrive early to watch the celebrity game before the main event.

Alas, I watched the celebrity game because of the over exaggeration of the will call line. I was salty. While I was waiting in line, I noticed people breaking out their best basketball shoes (notably Air Jordans) and Lakers apparel. I did not understand why Kobe jerseys were being worn when he is not there. The same goes for people breaking out certain team apparel when no one from the team is representing although I do appreciate the white guy rocking the Shawn Kemp jersey circa 1996. The jersey itself looks like it was sitting deep underneath his closet for 15 years. I bet he wore it to piss off Kevin Durant. General Lakers apparel is fine because Matt Barnes showed up. This is a good example of virtual representation.

This is where it gets awkward. Why do some people dress up in full basketball gear and attend the game acting like they are going to play in the actual game? What the hell? C’mon son. They actually believe they’re part of the team. It reminds me of Tony Scott’s “The Fan” where DeNiro wanted to be like Wesley Snipes.

First off, the celebrity game was not actually filled with celebrities. The players were actually celebrities in their minds. I do not know any of them. Most of the crowd was like, “What? Who? Who the hell is this?” One player was one of SLAM’s Top 100 street ballers. I forgot his name. I suppose if someone did something, anything, in entertainment then they are celebrities.

The game started off slow. Dudes were missing buckets, tip ins, lay ups, and turning over the ball. It was a hot mess. The crowd was pissed off. Remember, most of these guys are not celebrities. They are just street ballers who got fame from other courts. I expected some good play. There was a dude rocking the number 24. I called him the Fraud Kobe. He looked okay for a bit then he just fell the fuck off chilling on the bench.

The Set Up King did not set anyone up. People had to set him up for shots. He just lived out there chucking threes. I thought the Set Up King was supposed to be a play maker dropping off nice passes. I was wrong.

I did not care who won. I did not even keep track of that. The only thing memorable was their lay up line when they were dunking.

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