Tuesday , Nov , 30 , 1999 J.N.

NBA TV Sucks!

NBA TV Sucks!If anyone had DirecTV during the early 2000s, NBA TV used to be on channel 720. It’s currently on 601. NBA TV back then used to be good showing old school forgotten NBA commercials, classic games, NBA Video, and Rucker Park shootouts. Those were the golden days of the NBA channel when it had zip and energy coming out the gates with freshness.

Today, it’s stale. At this moment, I’m watching yet another incessant rerun of “Road to Redemption" and "I Am a Celtic." Earlier, there were old tired ass men sitting on coffee tables reminiscing about the good ol’ days. Is it the lack of ideas or laziness in programming? I know that the NBA is sitting on a massive video library reserve and they barely show any of the games; it’s every now and then. It’s sad. Do they realize their demographic? Its guys like me who feasts on nostalgia. The channel is forgettable, which is why the producers should really take a look at the NFL channel and their presentation.

When the NBA season gets closer to opening night, they usually step it up. Then when the season is in full swing, they show too much NBA TV Daily. It gets stupid annoying. Stop this already. I find better shit on YouTube. Enthusiasts put together well thought out mixes such as Vince Carter’s top 100 dunks, tons of crossover mixes, Jason Williams’ best dishes, Josh Smith’s top blocks, and Michael Jordan’s memorable games (thanks to Hoopsencyclopedia and SPMJ) Please subscribe to their channels. It’s sick.

Anyway, the higher ups really need to revamp that channel because they lost the edge. I appreciate some of the biographies and the NBA Fit show, which they should really do more. I’m pretty sure a lot of people are intrigued to see how these guys work out. Each of them has different routines and different struggles. {Wouldn’t you want to see how Eddy Curry does his thing (or lack thereof) or how Josh Howard smokes weed?} I’m extremely interested if Birdman Chris Andersen ever finished his dunk in Denver. I really do. I dig the NBA fantasy show though; smart thing. Rick Kamla and Mike Yam are awesome.

For some reason NBA TV has become more and more of a history channel, which is fine. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when they routinely talk about these things instead actually showing the highlights or the entire game itself then we have major problems. The channel is too squeaky clean as well, which makes things very stagnant; just simply too much PR. Please take note of how TNT does things.

And on that note, NBA TV during the summer is complete trash. It’s just as good as reality television. If I was in charge of the channel, I would bring it up to code. That shit is completely unacceptable factoring in the money I’m paying. Yes, I’m mad. Please stop with the talking heads. Too much talking. Not enough dazzling highlights set to awesome rap music.