Monday , Oct , 13 , 2008 J.N.

Olympic Gold vs. NBA Title

Olympic Gold vs. NBA TitleWhich one is more valuable? To be more specific, which one is more important?

Kobe Bryant has said that the gold medal is much more important than any NBA ring. Perhaps he was talking out of bitterness after the Lakers got their asses handed to them by the Boston Celtics….I’m not sure. But anyway, which one is more significant for a player’s career?

To play for Olympic Gold

  • Once every 4 years.
  • Have to be selected.
  • You cannot be a mediocre player.
  • Only a handful gets to play. Hundreds of others do not get a chance at all throughout their careers.
  • There’s a good chance that you can win because you’re playing with other superstars. Not guaranteed though.

For NBA Title

  • Every year you can fight for it.
  • You don’t have to be selected.
  • Just land on a good ball club.
  • You can be mediocre, incredibly worthless, or over the hill. Hundreds of players don’t even get to the Finals.
  • Some will get a chance, but can never win one. You don’t really have a good chance depending on the matchups. Just because you have Kobe or Lebron they don’t guarantee a title.

Going by this, the Olympic Gold medal is more prestigious. But, after winning an NBA Title, you become more lucrative. When kids play ball, they hope to make it to the NBA. If they do make it, they think about hopefully winning an NBA title. They don’t put emphasis on making the Olympic squad or anything else. It’s just something a player stumbles upon. You’re hand selected by a committee so making it on the squad is tough even if you’re good. Elton Brand and Tim Duncan have never won a gold medal and I don’t think they’ll lose sleep over it.

It really depends where you’re at in your career. If you won rings already then yes, getting a gold medal is important. If you didn’t win a ring, but have one or 2 gold medals, you would almost die for an NBA ring.

It’s great to represent the USA. It’s truly an honor..but I have to take the NBA championship than a gold medal. You don’t hear people talking about Stockton’s, Malone’s, or Charles Barkley’s gold medals do you?

So explain what’s more important to you and why?