Tuesday , Oct , 21 , 2008 J.N.

LeBron James: Too Good for Preseason

LeBron James: Too Good for PreseasonLeBron James has recently implied that he doesn’t have to play preseason games.

I can’t blame the man. Who wants to? LeBron is too good and preseason is meaningless, but food for thought: there was no need to publically declare it. He should have kept his mouth shut. Michael Jordan never said anything like this about preseason. Currently Kobe looks tired and he’s still playing. Bron shouldn’t be hinting this and here’s why:

This would set a precedent.

Somewhere in the future, a lot of players will flat out sit out meaningless games.

“If Bron can do it so can I.”

I understand the notion. Star players should rest, but that should be a coach’s determination, not the player unless he feels that his injury is bad. The thing is Bron is not injured. Deron Williams suffered an ankle sprain against Chicago and Steve Nash sprained his right ankle so I understand the need to protect franchise-type players for the long haul. Then again, Kevin Garnett has more leverage than LeBron to say this type of stuff because, of course, he’s been an MVP and title holder.

LeBron. We know you’re super, but there was no need to hint at this until you win an MVP and your team wins a title. Watch what you say because media will slant it.

But but but even so LeBron is that good and it’s just preseason.

So what? Is LeBron implying that he’s above his teammates? Maybe not. We know LeBron is head and shoulders above almost everyone skill-wise, but the acknowledgment of being above preseason displays a slight in leadership. Wearing the number 23 while having the skills to back it up has its responsibilities. Wait…that sounds like something out of Spider-Man. Hear me out, though. He’s supposed to lead by example.

Michael Jordan never implied this; neither did Kobe. If they’re not above preseason, what makes LeBron so special? These guys have to rekindle the chemistry and timing on the court. They also have to be in game condition. James did say that he’s doing the damn thing in practice, but now I can retort: “But it’s just practice. It’s not the same.”

In preseason games, they actually get to test their stuff against real competition instead of in-house where they’re already familiar with each other’s games.

Furthermore, the economy is not that great. Consider that many fans paid the cheaper tickets just to see him for a quarter. That’s all it takes to make them  happy.  During the regular season, many of those fans will probably watch the games from home.

Again, what makes him so special from MJ and Kobe to overlook preseason?

Some advice: I know many star players don’t want to play because of risks and that they already have a guaranteed spot. Just keep the mouth shut about these thoughts because it’s a cocky, lazy image to display. Rest up when the team has a playoff spot locked up. Funny thing…if Eddy Curry or Zach Randolph said this, no one is surprised because they already have a lazy persona. You wouldn’t want to be grouped with them do you?