Thursday , Oct , 30 , 2008 J.N.

From Seattle With Hate

From Seattle With HateSo what it do, Seattle? What’s really good? How have you been sleeping?

 What in the hell do you do now since the Seattle Supersonic franchise is gone? Did you become a Portland Trailblazer fan? They have a good player in Brandon Roy, a soft poor man’s Rasheed Wallace in LaMarcus Aldridge, and the walking injury Greg Oden. Better yet, did you become a fan of the Oklahoma Thunder?

Oh wait, you’re probably throwing knives at David Stern’s and Clay Bennett’s picture. Maybe projecting some kind of curse on them and the “new” franchise is fitting enough. Well…Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, and the rest of the guys do not deserve that since it wasn’t their decision to abandon Seattle. Who knows what sadistic method you’re going about to get over the anger stage to reach acceptance…maybe you’ll never get over it. I understand all of this and I hope Seattle gets a new franchise in the next 10 years. I was playing NBA 2K9 and noticed that players such as Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis career logs do not mention “SEA.” It’s all “OKC.” That means that they do not even acknowledge the Seattle Sonics ever existing.

That’s fucked up.

The new NBA season is here so what do you do now to face the reality that the Sonics are no longer there? Play fantasy basketball? Follow certain players? Or just turning in your resignation of being an NBA fan altogether? I’m pretty sure David Stern doesn’t give a rat’s ass, which sucks because he alienated the fans from ever supporting the NBA.

I understand why the Seattle fan base want David Stern ousted. One of the reasons why Clay Bennett and David Stern wanted the franchise to choose abandonment is that they wanted the citizens of Seattle to build a new arena with some public financing of course.

That’s just retarded though. Why the hell would anyone expect that? That’s completely unreasonable. That seems to me that they were looking for an excuse, any excuse, to leave. David Stern complimented KeyArena during 1994 after extensive renovation with the hefty price tag of $75 million. I should know because it’s in some YouTube clip. Despite being the oldest arena, it was rebuilt up to NBA standards. In 2004, they wanted to expand the arena by adding more shit such as new restaurants, shops, and a practice court, but it never came through so then the higher ups tagged the place as no longer economically viable.

Translation: This place is a dump. There’s our reason to leave. Fuck the fans. Let’s roll out.

If the team was as prestigious as the Lakers, Bulls, or Spurs then they would have tried to work out all angles. To me, the person who should receive the majority of the blame is not David Stern or Clay Bennett (though to be fair, they’re still evil).

It’s Howard Schultz.

This is coming from an outsider’s perspective: He should have never sold the team to a business man from Oklahoma; should have looked elsewhere. The writing was all there. The New Orleans Hornets played there for awhile after the Katrina debacle and they got addicted to the fever. After the Hornets went back home, they were willing to die for an NBA team. It’s too bad Schultz didn’t have foresight. He should have known from the beginning that Clay Bennett NEVER had any intentions to keep the team in Seattle.

Not even Shawn Kemp and his army of kids could save the Sonics or get the team back now.

Ah well. A new season begins.

Good luck, Sleepless in Seattle.