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Trading Places 2008-2009 edition

Trading Places 2008-2009 editionLatest rumors about players who might be on the trade block.

Chris Kaman
Peter “The Viper” Vecsey has reported that Kaman is on the block. I’m not so sure why The Clips brass might be shopping him around. He’s 27 years young, 7-1, bangs down low, a top 10 center. The only thing I see this as is a salary dump. He’s owed $43 million over the next 4 years. With that type of contract and no winning record behind it, I understand the reasoning. He’s not a true franchise immediate impact-type big like Dwight Howard or Tim Duncan. The Clips didn’t go anywhere far with him. If this rumor is true, do him a favor and trade him to a well built team. Baron Davis would burn Staples Center down and Marcus Camby would choke out Mike Dunleavy.

Gerald Wallace
Larry Brown has begun to talk shit about his players and probably wants some of them out to bring in his own players. Business as usual. G-Force is the least of their problems so I don’t know why they’re shopping him. He’s a solid 2-way player and probably better than Luol Deng. The only reason why I can see Charlotte not wanting to keep him is the injuries he has sustained, most notably the concussions he piled up. He’s one more concussion away from getting knocked out of the league. This is a damn shame though because he’s a good hardworking player.

Kirk Hinrich and anyone else on the Chicago Bulls not named Derrick Rose, Ben Gordon, and Luol Deng.
I know many Chicago faithfuls want Gordon gone because he might be gone anyway since he agreed to that one year deal. But check this out – If he gets traded, that team would not have bird rights on him so possibilities of extensions or a sign and trade are out of the question unless they were under the cap. Some haters of BG7 are beginning to come around since he has now become the starting shooting guard next to Rose because of injuries to the other guards. As of right now, his true shooting percentage is a bit above 60% and if nothing gets in the way, he can potentially average 22+ppg for the year. Tyrus Thomas, Nocioni, Drew Gooden, Joakim Noah, Kirk Hinrich, Thabo Sefolosha, Aaron Gray, and Larry Hughes can all be moved if the right deal comes along. The most troubling out of this is Deng who has been playing like dung. If he keeps this up for the entire season, look for him to be shopped in the offseason once BYC runs out. That would be difficult because he would be an albatross by then.

Al Harrington
The saga continues. He has an “injury” that will cause him to sit. He will be traded soon since he’s just a distraction. He’s useless in Golden State.

Brad Miller
Miller is a solid aging starting center for a playoff team. He has to be moved to make room for Spencer Hawes who has been emerging as a consistent double-double guy with three point range.

Eddy Curry/David Lee/Stephon Marbury
David Lee is a keeper. The other two cannot be moved because they’re trash. If I was Lee, I’d demand a trade out of NY. He’s greatly underappreciated by the coaching staff for some reason. He should be a starter somewhere.

Shawn Marion
The multiple time all star just doesn’t get any respect. Word on the street is Miami is trying to trade him for Chris Kaman; a player Riley coveted during the 2003 draft. If I was Riles, I’d move Marion for him pronto. He’s not going to pay him the money he’s looking for anyway and is the perfect player for the Clippers because he’s an expiring contract; sounds like a perfect salary dump. Clips fans would be happy just to get an all star in return but that will not stop hardcore Clips fans making YouTube clips proclaiming how Elton Brand fucked them over.

Player who should be on the trade block:

Vince Carter
The New Jersey Nets are in rebuild mode. He has no place there. The only reason why he’s still there is because they’re trying to entice Lebron James or any big name free agent in 2010. If not, consider Vince Carter gone. I don’t think Bron will go anywhere so I’m surprised that VC is still there since they’ve gone all youth movement around him.