Saturday , Nov , 15 , 2008 J.N.

The Mavs died. Official time of death: 2006 Finals.

The Mavs died. Official time of death: 2006 Finals.“And with the first pick in the 2009 draft, The Dallas Mavericks select….”

I’m sure Maverick fans, sans John McCain fans, are looking forward to the hope of winning the draft. Blake Griffin, BJ Mullins, Demar Derozan…who?

Like Michael Jordan owning the Cleveland Cavs during the late 80s and well into the 1990s, Dwayne Whistle of the Miami Heat took the Mavs’ soul. The humiliation suffered from the Golden State Warriors in the 2007 playoffs was a byproduct of the Death.

Yup. It’s over. They had a great run from 2000-2006 and will be forgotten in due time. It’s time to blow it all to hell, Mark Cuban. Your fan base will greatly appreciate it. So what to do?

Take a deep breath.

You ready?

Trade Dirk Nowitzki. It’s time. His numbers are steadily dropping. Who can you trade him for? You have to get a playmaker that can do it on both sides of the ball. Some fans are suggesting moving him to Atlanta. You cannot trade him for Al Horford and Marvin Williams. Atlanta will not break up a good thing. Cuban can’t really trade him anywhere because there’s no one worth trading for who is lingering around the market. Stephon Marbury? Al Harrington? Shawn Marion? I suggest they move Dirk Diggler on draft night to land the number one pick. If Dallas decides to tank the season, they can land a top 5 pick while trading away Dirk for another top 5 pick. They might as well just start over there.

They cannot hand over the keys to Josh Howard. He’s not a leader. He was never an elite player; perfect trade bait.

Jason Terry is nice, but he’s 31 and just another combo guard; another trade piece.

Brandon Bass is good young prospect. Keep him.

The official death of the Nowitzki-led Mavs was Game 5 of the 2006 Finals, but the future was thrown into the coffin as well with the exit of Devin Harris. Devin was the bridge, the transition gap, from Dirk to “after Dirk.” Cuban fucked that up by being impatient getting an over the hill Jason Kidd in return to make one last boost.

What was the problem all along? The problem was how this team was constructed. Much like the Scott Skiles’ led Chicago Bulls, it was a jump shooting team. Mavs were just much better at making shots. They always had a gaping hole at center and they didn’t have an elite playmaker weaving through traffic to get to the basket. I guess that’s it. They just didn’t have anyone mentally tough like Wade or Kobe. They were almost like a slow version of Mike D’Antoni’s Phoenix Suns.

Jason Kidd is the mentally tough player they were looking for, but the organization should have not traded him in the first place. How the hell do you trade away a top 5 point guard in 1996-1997 with so much potential? It’s too late for another title run. The window has closed.

RIP Nowitzki’s Dallas Mavericks. The Texas Triangle is not so intimidating anymore.