Thursday , Nov , 20 , 2008 J.N.

No! I’m the better cousin: T-Mac vs. Vince Carter

No! I'm the better cousin: T-Mac vs. Vince CarterIt’s more than fitting to finally discuss who has been the better player: Tracy McGrady or Vince Carter? Both men are in their 30s still in the prime of their careers – although that’s also debatable because both have been banged up to death. They do not perform like they are. I know the message boards across the land have debated this endlessly, but I experienced the debates back when they were still young; too early to call.

Now since they’ve entered their prime (again, debatable) and there’s a huge sample size of seasons to dissect, I think we can tell who’s the better player.

Tracy McGrady
Fresh out of high school, scouts were already measuring him against Scottie Pippen and Grant Hill because of his versatility. He was so versatile that Jerry Krause had a deal set up on Draft Night 1997 that would have sent Pippen for T-Mac until Mike Jordan stopped all that nonsense. A stat machine that can fill it up, his best days were in Orlando. T-Mac will probably be known as a playoff virgin because he can never reach the second round unless he breaks through within the next 2 seasons. If he does then I’ll eat crow, yet then again, his success is two-fold. It depends on Yao Ming’s health as well as his own. To date, he has Ron Artest and Shane Battier on his side. The next 2 seasons will determine if he can break through his reputation. Why just two seasons? Because he’s getting old faster than a $2 dollar prostitute addicted to meth strolling down Sunset because of all the injuries he sustained. He doesn’t have much time left and has expressed retirement.

Career averages through 761 games: 22.3 ppg, 6.1 rebs, 4.7 asts, 1.3 stls, 44% from the field.

Vince Carter
An explosive juggernaut…more explosive than Kobe Bryant ever had it. He’s not the scoring genius that Kobe is nor is he the all around player like his cousin T-Mac, but he can hold his own. He has a better J and athleticism than his cousin, but he was more controversial. A dunking highlight machine, his best days were in Toronto. He’s known to be able to travel deeper in the playoffs, but with the current state of the Nets, it’s probably not a possibility anymore. Devin Harris is the only thing keeping him sane. He burnt major bridges during his last two seasons in T-Dot by telling opposing teams plays they may run and fucked around with management by pulling a Robert Horry through the regular season; pouting by coasting through games. And just like McGrady, he can no longer sustain a full 82 game season.

Career averages through 707 games: 23.8 ppg, 5.5 rebs, 4.2 assists, 1.3 stls, 45% from the field.

Both men also showed that they do not have the leadership skills or the heart to lead a team to any title especially Wince Carter. No disrespect to either guys, but I wouldn’t want them running my team. They should have stayed together in Toronto to form a weaker version of MJ and Pippen. That’s not a bad thing since I truly believe they would have won a title or two together. The ego is a bitch so both guys can’t stay on the same team. T-Mac should have also won one in Orlando if Grant Hill was 100%. For the young kids who don’t know, Grant Hill and T-Mac were both elite superstar playmakers at the time. It would have been a Magic vs. Lakers finals for a couple of years. Wow. More what ifs….

Even though he’s currently stinking it up (and that’s because he’s battling nagging injuries again), the better player, I think, is Tracy McGrady because he didn’t mess up an organization like Vince Carter did. What VC did during his stay there was a disgrace and for those things, he will never be seen as a better player than his cousin. The only things holding McGrady back are the injuries and the first round, but now he has the supporting cast to help him carry the weight. If Houston ever leads 3-0 in the first round, keep your damn mouth shut. As for Carter, he’s put out so much bad karma (on purpose) that there shouldn’t be any good karma in return. Basketball purgatory is New Jersey.

Who do you think is the superior cousin? Tag it up.