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Who’s the most cancerous player within the past 5 years? Hughes, Marbury, Iverson, or Artest?

Who's the most cancerous player within the past 5 years? Hughes, Marbury, Iverson, or Artest?I’m not talking about Nene Hilario or Wayman Tisdale before the leg amputation. I’m talking about a type of player who thinks about himself before the team. If your answer is Lebron James then that’s not true at all although his 2010 talk is as annoying as John Mayer on TMZ. A player being a “cancer” in the locker room makes the team lose focus on trying to win games as a team.

 Here are the qualifications to meet the standard of a quality cancer player:

  •  He doesn’t show up to practice sometimes.
  •  He doesn’t show up to practice on time sometimes.
  •  Makes up excuses after excuses for his play.
  •  Makes up excuses after excuses for not attending team functions.
  •  Gets caught up in off court troubles such as carrying weapons, drugs, etc.
  •  Gets caught up in on court troubles such as fights, ejections, technical fouls, and constantly crying, sitting out, argues with coach.
  •  Complains to the media about playing time.
  •  Complains to the media about role.
  •  Wants to take all the shots on the court = be the number option no matter what even if it’s hurting the team.
  •  He used to be good but is now using his tired reputation of the past to warrant “You’re the Man now, dawg!” status in current time.
  •  He is usually the focal point in locker room politics.
  •  After he leaves (traded or waived), there’s a sigh of relief everywhere. Team might perform better.

A player of this caliber is usually associated with the word “distraction,” which is almost like the proverbial kiss of death. Why do they turn out to be cancerous? Is it just a card that the [media loves to play or is it something about the player such as ego (people feeding him lines since he was young), insecurity, and trust issues?

Ron Artest:

  • During his rookie year, he applied for a job with Circuit City just to get an employee discount (Nice! I don’t see how this is cancerous, but it’s notable).
  • Once attended practice with just a bath robe (someone must have taken his clothes).
  • Asked for a month off from the Indiana Pacers because he was tired of promoting Allure.
  • Destroyed television cameras.
  • Confronted Pat Riley.
  • Had a huge role in Pacers-Piston Brawl.

Allen Iverson:

  • Threw his wife out butt naked.
  • Complained about practice therefore he missed practice.
  • Blew off appearing at mandatory company events.
  • Arguments with coaches Larry Brown and Jim O’Brien.
  • Showed up late a few more times.
  • Missed practice a few more times.
  • George Karl told him to shoot less (signs of a ball hog).
  • Missed practice some more.

Larry Hughes:

  • He’s so bad on the court that a fan had to make a website pleading him to take less bad shots. Yep, it’s that bad. Why so many bad shots, Hughes?
  • Complained to the press some more about role and playing time on the Chicago Bulls.
  • He thinks he’ll break out like Michael Jordan sometime this century.
  • Publically declared that he doesn’t care about winning a title or just winning in general; he just wants to be the Man.

Stephon Marbury:

  • Tried to blackmail Isiah Thomas because he didn’t want to be on the bench.
  • Feuded with Larry Brown.
  • Feuded with Steven A. Smith
  • Teamed up with Isiah Thomas to destroy the Knicks.
  • Had surgery that was labeled as unnecessary by the team.
  • Feuded with numerous teammates. (Kurt Thomas probably wanted to kill him).
  • Hates D’Antoni and Donnie Walsh.
  • After being traded, his former teams usually won more.

To be fair, according to the Macro-Phenomal Pro Basketball Almanac, The 8th most cancerous player statistically is ESPN’s own Tim Legler.

Flagrant Foul’s pick of most cancerous NBA player within the last 5 years: Need I say more? Let’s get closer to God, y’all.

Who do you think is the most cancerous NBA player within the last 5 seasons? If your candidate is not listed, write him in.