Saturday , Dec , 13 , 2008 J.N.

Kevin Garnett is soft.

Kevin Garnett is soft.Anything is possssssssssssssible!

It has come to the NBA’s attention that KG might have turned into a trouble maker, a fire starter if you will.

“He’s nothing but an instigator,” one executive said.

I don’t think so. I prefer to KG as an unstable volatile substance of the highest order.

KG, we know you won a title. Save that “passion” for this next title run. I understand intimidating people, but you sure are picking your battles wisely. If you’re white or foreign, stay out of his way. This includes Yi Jianlian and Luke Ridnour. Is KG a bit of a racist? I see how people can view him that way. Kev, if you’re reading this, before you go punching a door out of furious anger, please keep reading.

I prefer Garnett as to bit of a clever tactician. He’s sticking to the stereotype that light skinned players are soft players.

Exhibit A

In this one, Garnett is showing that he messed with the wrong G. THE WRONG G! As one can see, the Big Ticket got shook by Anthony Peeler. He pretty much got chin checked. KG just jumped around like a clown inside a jack in the box acting like he was about to do somethin’, but he did nothin’. Dude didn’t want any of it. Last time I checked, Peeler wasn’t light skinned so he learned right there. Conclusion: Soft because he didn’t step up.

Exhibit B: KG commenting on getting herbed by Anthony Peeler.

Did he really say all that? I know you don’t have anything like that especially with the Feds watching. First you did nothin’, now you’re talkin alot of nothin’. I think he’s just trying to push more intimidation skills. You know, he’s just trying to confuse his enemies with whatever he supposedly has at home. At this point, the man’s head wasn’t right. Conclusion: Soft because you know he’s frontin’.

Let’s fast forward to current times.

Exhibit C

Unfortunately, Jose Calderon brought this upon himself with the stunt he pulled in Beijing 2008 with that silly picture. Get ’em KG. I hope you have him in your cross hairs in every game you meet him; however, finally here’s his light skinned target. On the flipside, what did Calderon show us besides being an overrated game manager? Nothing. Conclusion: Hardcore just because Calderon deserved it. Kev doesn’t respect players who don’t show the same passion like he does for defense.

Exhibit D

KG was walking up acting like he was about to do something, but David Robinson pushed him away like a little kid. Then Kev felt disrespected. The Big Ticket then pulls the "hold me back, I’m serious, I’m about to get crazy, hold me back" with his teammate. Realizing that the Admiral was out of his league, in a snap moment of clarity, he slaps Tim Duncan on the back of the head like he didn’t complete his homework assignment. Add Tim Duncan to "KG punks another white guy" list. Conclusion: Soft.

Exhibit E

Zaza was ready. KG didn’t expect him to step up. Conclusion: Even because KG didn’t walk away either.

Exhibit F

Conclusion: Hardcore. KG got another cheap shot in without getting kicked out of the game. Zaza didn’t do anything.

Some people have voiced, "Hey, lets see KG try that shit on a player like Amare Stoudemire." He already did. Here was the result.

Amare didn’t do anything in retaliation. He knew his place. This is proof that KG does go after darker skinned players, too. He’s just selective. That’s all.

I don’t get why people are getting sensitive over this. The NBA is a man’s game. Even Larry Bird and Michael Jordan were notorious for their trash talk. Dennis Rodman was crazier than KG and no one really cried. The man went after Shaq. That’s how crazy Rodman was. I don’t really care for all the antics and trash talk. It’s merely psychological warfare.

The real reason why Garnett is soft is his offensive game particularly in the 4th quarter. When he became a Celtic, he transformed into an extremely soft offensive player relying on Paul Pierce and Ray Allen to get the job done. I love KG’s defense, but I wouldn’t even look to get him the ball when it matters. He’s somewhat like Luol Deng-Chris Webber in this regard.

I know why the media calls him soft because he has a big mouth yet no bite. That maybe true, but that’s the wrong reason though. They’re overlooking his offense, which is the real truth to the matter.

"Where’s the fire when K.G. is down 20?" Artest declared in the first half of Game 4. "Watch how he goes back to huddle like a puppy. You’re either a soldier all the time or you’re not. You can’t be a part-time soldier."

I agree with Artest.

This message is only fitting for the haters hating on his psychological mindgames: