Thursday , Dec , 18 , 2008 J.N.

Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire, and Carlos Boozer should Bail out

Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire, and Carlos Boozer should Bail outThe big 3 Detroit automakers failed to get their money from Congress because of bad management, bad product, and bad business model.

The same reasons should be applied to Bosh, Amare, Booz, and the respective teams they play for currently. Repeat after me: If your name is not LeBron or Dwyane Wade then it doesn’t matter what your name is in 2010. The ESPN slurping of LeBron is living proof. Jeez they make me sick. Don’t get me started on them. It’s Terrell Owens, LeBron, Brett Favre, some Yankee-Red Sox story, or Tyler Hansbrough. Stop reaching for stories or hyping players to no end, LeBron included. We know. We get it. Personally I think Psycho-T is a bust in the pros waiting to happen.

Back to the topic.

Will these guys get their money when their time is up? Can their teams retain them?

Chris Bosh and Toronto: Since he literally looks like a Raptor with that neck, he’s the face of the franchise. He knows the team surrounding him is garbage: Jose Calderon is overrated (younger, slower version of Nash), Jamario Moon is answering Craigslist gigs to be a part-time Scottie Pippen impersonator, O’Neal is worried getting prosthetic legs, Anthony Parker is claiming to be Vin Diesel and Kellen Winslow’s birth child, and Toronto fans actually want Vince Carter and TJ Ford back. Sam Mitchell’s tough love is gone and the team has gone into “Sink the Sub” mode. In the past few games, Bosh seems like he doesn’t even want to be out there. Fans have booed him until no end because he didn’t show energy.

My advice: Leave. Bail out. Don’t resign in 2010. If Bryan Colangelo’s GM skills are evident, he’s trying to build the team just like he did in Phoenix. Jose Calderon is a start. That’s a no-title team.

Verdict: Bad business model. Bosh can’t win with a no-defense game manager and a team without a clear direction. They should hire Avery Johnson to lead.

Carlos Boozer and Utah
: No, I’m not going to do a cliché joke about Mormons in Utah. That would be too easy. Because of certain people in Utah, I already have a problem with Proposition 8 in California because it promotes discrimination. Jerry Sloan is a great coach. I love his style, but he’s not elite such as Phil Jax or Popovich. Booz has already made it official that he doesn’t want to be in Utah. Was it bad timing to say that? Who cares! The Verbal Agreement doesn’t keep promises. He already knew that Paul Millsap is the answer by watching from the sidelines, so he might as well admit to the inevitable. Utah fans don’t want him back anyway and Booz knows that management will not resign him because of the emergence of Millsap.

Advice: Leave. Bail out. Utah plays great during the regular season, but will usually come up short somewhere in the playoffs. Utah has to trade Boozer by the deadline. I really mean it. Don’t think about “Hey let’s try it one more year with him and Deron.” Don’t bother. That’s just retarded. Utah cannot pass the Lakers with Kobe, Gasol and Bynum. It’s just not going to happen. You guys already tried it in past seasons and still failed. What makes you think you can win this year? Move on. Trade Booz now to get something in return.

: Bad karma for what Booz did in Cleveland. Will he win in Miami? Don’t think so. That roster is too messed up and Michael Beasley is not worthy of the number two pick. B-Easy doesn’t play defense. Carlos is the same way. Go chase the money and playing time, but either way he’s not going to win a title whether it’s Miami or Utah. Pat Riley needs to forget about Booz. Politic with Bosh instead.

Amare Stoudamire and Phoenix: This team is too messed up. They traded away their best defensive players. No player currently on this team plays solid defense except for Grant Hill and Shaq, which is sad because both are aging fast. Steve Nash feels traded and Amare looks unwanted.

Advice: Leave. Bail out. Demand a trade. Steve Kerr messed up this team unless he magically lands some solid players in 2010, but you’re up for grabs in 2010 as well. Yeah…just leave.

: Bad business model, bad product, and bad management.

Exercise the right to go to a better team. These big 3 players have the chance to bail out while management has to stay there and close up shop on the team’s championship dreams.

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