Saturday , Dec , 20 , 2008 J.N.

2008-2009 NBA teams that fell off or just became shockingly bad.

2008-2009 NBA teams that fell off or just became shockingly bad.Any trade can’t come soon enough. 2010 should be here today. General Managers with bad teams are not waiting for Christmas to come. Instead, they’re looking to shake things up to get better ASAP. The thing is these teams should realize that the available pieces they have are not good enough for consolidation to fetch a better player.

Dallas Mavericks – Currently they’re 14-11 fighting for the 8th spot in the West against Phoenix. A common mindless fan would say, “Hey 14-11 is not bad. They’re 3 games above .500. What you smoking because I want some.” Well, like I said they’re fighting for the 8th spot. They used to be a perennial top 5 Western conference team from 2001-2008. Ever since the 2006 Finals, they gradually fell off and they’re continuing the trend. They had a nice run making the Finals once, but unfortunately after this season, it’s time to rebuild. The question is do you want to rebuild completely or still retool around Dirk Nowitzki one more time? I would prefer the former because Devin Harris sure sent Mark Cuban and the Mavs to hell after he shitted on them for 41 points, 13 assists, and 3 steals. When a promising young former player dominates a team like that, questions, critics, and complaints usually come up. Did anyone see Cuban’s reactions during the game? Former coach Avery Johnson was sure holding Devin back.

They fell off.

Phoenix Suns – To borrow a line from Clipper color commentator Ralph Lawler, “Oh me oh my!” Where do I start? Oh I know. Why not start at the head? Steve Kerr. They’re still playing the blame game for the Shaq-D’Antoni-Marion thing, right? Let’s move on to the next Steve, Steve Nash. Both Nash and Amare Stoudamire don’t sound very happy. Maybe that’s why rumors of Steve Nash leaving to Toronto for Jose Calderon hovers. Did Nash’s camp leak this or is this something that the media made up just because he’s Canadian? Suns are currently 15-11 battling Dallas for that last playoff spot. Just like Dallas, we have gotten so used to them running and gunning for 60+ wins. Joe Johnson was the first to leave. D’Antoni is gone. Boris Diaw is gone. Raja Bell is gone. Shawn Marion is gone. What does this say?

They’re quietly blowing it up.

They fell off.

Philadelphia Sixers – Elton Brand is not a huge difference maker and has now gotten injured. He will be out for a month. This will actually help the Sixers to win games. They better get in as much wins as they can before he gets back. They’ll start losing once he returns. This is sort of like Patrick Ewing being an anchor in the 1999 New York Knicks offense. We knew Ewing was at the end of his career. What about Brand? He’s in his prime, but he still slows down the offense. Before you criticize me to death, think about it this way. What if the Sixers did not sign Brand? Honestly, do Sixer fans think the team would be worse? The year before, you guys did fine without him. Brand was supposed to take the team to another level. Right now, they’re 12-14 holding on to the 8th seed. They’re on a win streak of 3 without him.

They became shockingly bad with Brand.

Washington Wizards
– Calling Agent Zero. Where are you? Turn off that Xbox 360 please. Medic! Help! It’s too late. The Wizards are dead. There’s no need to call Agent Zero for help. They fired Sinbad, and currently, they’re sitting on a 4-20 record. They might as well blaze some joints up to forget about that. They made the playoffs last season without Arenas (43-39, 5th place). Jamison is playing too many minutes for a guy battling injuries, Deshawn Stevenson is somewhere, Mike James is terribly bad, and Caron Butler can’t do it himself. Just play the young guys now. I thought Butler and Jamison could man the ship to another playoff run like they did last year, but I was wrong.

They became shockingly bad while falling off tremendously.

(Update) Toronto Raptors – How can I forget? My apologies to this basura-filled team.  I’ve been trashing them and they can’t be ignored. They have the talent yet they still can’t put it together. Losing to Oklahoma and now San Antonio…Raps fans should just go to the games with paper bags over their heads. Honestly, I wouldn’t know what to do with this cast. Their current record is 10-17 and will continue to free-fall. Jermaine O’Neal is still suffering from injuries. BC has a mess. Somebody email suggestions to Colangelo. At this point, just tank the season. Try to get a top 3 pick. Hire a reputable veteran coach even if he’s a retread.

They’re just shockingly bad.

To balance things out just a bit, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic have become shockingly great. We knew they would good, but not this good. They’re right behind the Boston Celtics; on par with the Lakers. It seems to me that power that was once held by the West has shifted over to the Eastern Conference AKA Leastern Conference. So far, 3 teams in the east are above 20 wins; only one team out West.

What do you think the 5 teams need to do?