Wednesday , Jan , 07 , 2009 J.N.

The Lakers stole the Celtics’ heart.

The Lakers stole the Celtics' heart.I knew I saw Rajon Rondo somewhere before. I couldn’t put my thumb to it until I went back 3 years.

That amateur sketch was on point. I knew I saw Rondo up on that tree.

This explains everything. The Leprechauns have disappeared. The Charlotte Bobcats beat the Boston Celtics (114-106). Not only was their swag stolen, but their defense is gone, too. That Christmas day game against the Lakers did a number. How can Big Kev and Paul Pierce be psychologically destroyed like that? Ever since Christmas, nothing has been the same. What’s wrong? Is Kobe Bryant that good?

Why the hell is Paul Pierce trying to pick fights against DJ Augustin? Is he trying to emulate the Kevin Garnett tactics? I guess anyone will do anything for a pot of gold. Stop pulling a bitch move, man. Take the L and move on. Ever since winning that title last season against the Lakers, the Celtics have become a bunch of bullies. Bullies usually pick on smaller dudes, and now, P-Squared is getting into the act. It’s a smart move, but I expected more from the champs. I thought KG was supposed to be the anchor, the big dog, and the tough guy. What happened?

I’m watching this game and their heads are just not in it. Just because they’re the champs, they’re expecting teams to just roll over and die? The Celtics are not as mentally tough as we thought they were. They’ve lost 5 of their last 7 (including the Christmas game). They are losing to bad teams. How can they lose to the Knicks? Last time I checked, they don’t give a damn about defense. The same goes for the Warriors. Then they lose to one of the shittiest teams in the NBA? The Bobcats?

Did Michael Jordan get into Pierce’s head from the sidelines? He probably did for Paul to punk on smaller dudes such as Augustin. Come to think of it, MJ and Pippen would have never gone through bad stretches like this, especially losing to bottom-feeding teams. The current Celtics are veterans. They are the champions. They have three all-stars. I don’t want to read about them hitting some kind of wall or being out of sync. If they hit a wall, it should only take them a game to get over it.

The after effects of losing James Posey are high. After seeing them dominate the league in the first two months of the season, it didn’t look like his departure fazed them. I should have known that winning sometimes hides some problems lurking at the bottom of the water. The problems have now floated to the top. I will give the bench some credit. Generally, they haven’t done shit so the starters have to play harder and log more minutes. I can see them being physically fatigued since Big Baby is crying while Gabe Pruitt is trying not to laugh. Recently, the bench has probably stepped into their groove, but it’s not enough.

I think this loss should wake up Danny Ainge to make a move to bolster the bench. What can he do though? No one wants Brian Scalabrine or Patrick O’Bryant. Does Danny Ainge even have cap space to sign a free agent?

The same time the Celtics lost, the Lakers lost to Chris Paul and the Hornets. Who was instrumental from the Hornets bench? James Posey.

Since the Lakers destroyed their swag, can the Celtics, in their current form, repeat? I don’t think they can beat this season’s Lakers in the Finals if they meet again UNLESS they regain their defensive swag and Danny Ainge beefs up the supporting cast.

The league is catching up to the champs. They probably figured them out. Just don’t back down. Talk your own shit and don’t ever be intimidated with their mind games. I think that’s what got them shook. Those are the things to do against bullies. They back down out of respect.

I wonder if Big Baby is still crying over Kobe and the Lakers taking their hearts.