Wednesday , Feb , 04 , 2009 J.N.

The New York Knick Fans are the best in the world! Vol. KB61 vs. MJ55

The New York Knick Fans are the best in the world! Vol. KB61 vs. MJ55I’m watching player number 24 drop 61 on the Knicks for the second time on the replay. It’s a good performance and props to him passing Bernard King’s 60 and MJ’s Double Nickel at Madison Square Garden, but it wasn’t great by any means. Kobe scored, but didn’t do anything else. To know that he did all of this against a team who doesn’t give a damn about defense; it zaps a little bit of prestige from the record breaking 61. He made some incredible shots, but he didn’t have to work hard against Wilson Chandler, David Lee, and Al Harrington at times. All of this in 36 minutes is extremely impressive, but people need to remember he went to the free throw line 20 times. Yes, he made all of them, but this stopped the clock to get more freebies. This made Kobe looked even more efficient yet this also showed that the 2009 Knicks might not be able to defend a D-League team properly.

Congrats to Kobe though, but there was something else that was more disturbing. It was almost as disgusting as the Pacer-Piston Brawl of a few years ago. Did any of you catch it?

I did.

I thought you Knicks fans were hardcore. I thought you were tough. When Mike got his double nickel against the fiery tough 1995 Knicks, a few games after 1.5 years of retirement, featuring Pat Riley, Patrick Ewing, John Starks, Charles Oakley, Mase, Charles Smith, and Greg Anthony, no New Yorker was applauding like you guys just did for Kobe.

Did I just hear that correctly?

Oh what? It couldn’t be. Could it?

“Kobe! MVP! MVP! MVP!”

Oh. My. Goodness. I understand game recognize game, but this is disgusting. Apalling. Pathetic.

The tough New York Knick fan died that night. Not even the GOAT Mike Jordan got that kind of treatment when he played at MSG. Knicks fans simply have no heart. What else you’re going to do for Kobe? Dance for him? Shine his Nike Zoom Kobe IVs? Let him bang your girl? Take the keys to your car? This is unbelievable. During the 1990s, you guys didn’t give any opposing player that kind of guff. I know there were some applause and some “ooohs” and “ahhhs” for the Greatest of All Time, but to root for him like he was your MVP for your team? The New Yorker back then didn’t do that.

Until now.

I was wondering during the game, “When will anyone take Kobe out with a flagrant foul?” Send a message. Do something. Remember when the Knicks of the 1990s didn’t want Dana Barros to continue his 3pt consecutive game streak? Those Knicks played him extremely tough throughout the entire game. There was no charity here. Remember during the Double Nickel game when Patrick Ewing sent MJ down to the ground after a dunk attempt? What happen to you Knick fan? You guys have become so soft that it translated to the actual team. You didn’t protect the house and you sure didn’t cheer for them to do it. I’m not even a fan of the Knicks and I’m embarrassed. Mind you, these were not Laker fans living in New York cheering for the Black Mamba. They were Knicks fans dressed in Knick gear slurping Kobe. They’re not tough after all. Where’s the pride? Where’s the self respect?

I thought this was the typical Knick fan:

This guy wasn’t seduced into Kobe’s scoring genius:

Where’s your pride? The New York Knicks so-called number one fan Spike Lee is filming a documentary about Kobe. Then after that, he’s planning to do a documentary about His Airness. I thought he would do a documentary depicting the history of the Knicks before he even did any of those. He’s a great director, but he’s not doing anything along that scope for New York. I shudder to think what you guys would do for Lebron. You know what? Save it. I don’t want to know.

Here. Relive the memories. You guys deserve it. You can chant MVP! MVP! in your own house! Watch every point! As far as I’m concerned, the Knicks let him have 61.

And one more for the road:

Stephen A. Smith, the most vocal Knick fan, can come up here and explain why they have become vanilla lightweights. I invite any other New Yorker as well to comment. Please explain what happened.