Friday , Feb , 06 , 2009 J.N.

The Availability of Amare: Where does he end up?

The Availability of Amare: Where does he end up?Amare is messing up many fantasy teams. For a guy known as Stat, he’s sure living up to the reputation. I think he’s phoning his play in. He doesn’t give a shit about Phoenix and is in “Vince Carter” mode.

Since The Suns have officially put STAT on the trading block, it’s just a matter of time when he’s going to leave. If not by the trade deadline then he will be moved in the offseason. Despite the reports of Amare’s growing dissension among the organization, I’m surprised that Kerr is moving STAT before Shaq. Or maybe Shaq will be moved, too? The Suns are now going through the painful process of rebuilding. Recent rumors say that the team hates Terry Porter and most Suns fan want him fired. I don’t get it. Why? It’s his first year coaching the team. It’s an entirely new direction. What did you expect? A title run?

After Derrick Rose and the Bulls waxed that ass, the Phoenix brain trust had a closed door meeting to see who fits and who leaves. The best thing they can come up with: Steve Nash is untouchable.


I don’t get it. He’s old. Most of the team is old. Most of the team should be available.

At this moment, many teams have inquired about STAT. Other rumors have said that a Shawn Marion + Michael Beasley deal has been turned down. Let’s see who has the best chance of landing this dude. I should slash every team in the West since it doesn’t make sense to trade him to a team where you’re going to see him 4 times every year plus playoffs. That’s right, Laker fans. He’s not coming to LA. Lamar Odom is not good enough. Supposedly Robert Sarver is going into cost cutting mode. If that’s true then Amare can be acquired for cheaper than we think.

The knocks against STAT as a player:

  • Doesn’t play D. Doesn’t even want to do the damn thing. Even D’Antoni was offended.
  • Diva.
  • Two bum knees.
  • Phoenix fans are happy to see him go. (Red flags)

Who can get him?

Miami: Michael Beasley and Shawn Marion to pony up. Why would Suns want Marion back? They dissed him bad before he left.

Toronto: Jermaine O’Neal, Anthony Parker, and Joey Graham. Sarver doesn’t want to do anything with O’Neal’s deal. Cost cutting mode, remember? Oh yeah, forget Chris Bosh. That’s almost a lateral trade at best.

Indiana: Troy Murphy and not much else. Danny Granger isn’t going anywhere. Not many assets here.

New York: I don’t think D’Antoni even wants him. If they were to trade, I think the Suns want David Lee really bad. I wouldn’t trade David Lee. He’s playing too good right now; playing even better than Amare.

Chicago: Derrick Rose is untouchable of course. So is Deng because of "Base Year Compensation" issues. Ben Gordon can’t be traded either because he’s in his contract year and has veto power. Guys available: Hinrich (replacement for Nash), Tyrus Thomas + Thabo (cheap contracts, young), Drew Gooden (expiring contract), Nocioni, Larry Hughes (expires in 2010). Chicago actually has the best offer from any of the East squads from a financial standpoint. Most of the guys are young, too. Knowing the Bulls, Jerry Reinsdorf will interfere and not make it happen.

I don’t see him going to another West team. But if he does, here are the other teams that have inquired based on what’s circling around inner circles: Memphis and Portland.

Where do you see Amare landing and for who in exchange?