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NBA Trade Deadline 2008-2009: Staying or Traded? Vol. Make deals happen

NBA Trade Deadline 2008-2009: Staying or Traded? Vol. Make deals happenThe deadline is almost here. A few days after the meaningless All Star Game, teams will have to either commit to rumored deals or completely pull them off the table. Let’s take a look at all of the rumored “big” name players who are available and their chances of leaving.

Jamal Crawford: He may opt out this summer. He plays for Golden State, which I mistakenly said New York Knicks. Well, I guess that proves his insignificance to me. Thanks for the heads up even though I bet alot of people have tried to verbally kill me, but whatever. Let him go, Golden State. He should not matter because he did not matter to me. He’s no lost.

Ramon Sessions
: Hey, Milwaukee. Do Sessions a favor. If you love him so much, let him go. Trade him. The only reason he’s starting right now is because the starting back court is depleted. Once Luke Ridnour comes back, Sessions will be the starting two again. That’s not his natural position and a big mistake on Skiles’ part. If Charlie Bell wasn’t fighting nagging injuries then he would be starting at the two moving Sessions back as the sixth man. He’s a born point guard my goodness. Don’t ruin his career. You can’t keep both guys because a Ridnour/Sessions starting backcourt will not work because Sessions is not a combo guard. Do the rumored trade with Memphis. Get Conley; a defense first player who Skiles’ actually likes. See Sessions blow up in Memphis. I hate to say this, but chances of this getting done are actually high according to reports.

Mike Conley: Why would Memphis do this trade in exchange for Sessions? It’s an almost lateral trade. Sure, they’ll get Joe Alexander, if it’s true though, but they’re giving up their 2009 first round pick, too. That first round pick could land them Blake Griffin since their record is so bad. Furthermore, it looks like Conley is coming around.

Baron Davis: Surprise, surprise. He can be had. Dunleavy realized that he’s an overpriced mistake. The Mavericks just recently turned down a Davis + Kaman deal for Jason Kidd. Were the Mavs stupid in turning it down? No. The duo is a financial nightmare. On paper, it’s a steal, but in this economic climate, Cuban cannot afford them.

Chris Kaman: He can never play a 70+ game season and he’s locked into a huge long deal. He only had one good season. His trade value is actually not that high. Well, it should never be that high any way. He can be had despite what the Clippers say.

Monta Ellis
: This dude is available. And he should be. He lost a lot of speed and explosive with that stupid idiotic offseason moped accident. He lost a lot of man points with that. Golden State is trying aggressively to trade him with Biedrins or a combination of any other player to get Amar’e Stoudemire. Good luck because you’re not going to get STAT. Chances is slim to none.

The Chicago Bulls minus Derrick Rose and Ben Gordon: Screw the BYC stuff with Luol Deng. He can still be had. He’s not untouchable. I don’t need to explain why Rose can’t be touched. Gordon can’t be traded either because he can veto any trade; it’s in his contract. Tyrus Thomas, Drew Gooden, Hinrich, and the rest of the stiffs are available and they’re trying to use that to land Amar’e. Chances of this getting done are still high, but it depends on Paxson. Kerr wants a package revolving around Tyrus Thomas, Hinrich, Drew Gooden, Noah, and a future first rounder.

Lamarcus Aldridge
: I’m not surprised with this one. He’s a soft player. Recent reports say that they’re willing to give up LMA + filler for Amar’e. I’ve written before that Aldridge is just an athletic version of Juwan Howard because they shoot high jumpers all day and don’t particularly rebound well. The only thing Aldridge has over Juwan is that he’s a better shot blocker. That’s about it. I stand by it and Portland sees this as well. I don’t see this deal getting done because Portland is another rival for the Suns. Why would anyone trade Amar’e to a West squad? The rumored deal is the best offer though because of the filler involved, which is probably Jerryd Bayless and Raef Lafrentz’s expiring with Freeman thrown in.

Shaq: If you were the Lakers, would you take him back? I would despite Shaq being old. The Diesel can still produce and can cover the absence of Andrew Bynum. Trade them Lamar Odom + filler to make the contracts match. Recently, Shaq said that he wants to play with Lebron James though. Should Shaq be move? Yes. Will he be move? My eight ball says “please ask again later.” Damn.

Amar’e Stoudemire: He WILL be moved no matter what; deadline or off season. 100% he’s leaving. It’s just to what team?

Rasheed Wallace, Tayshaun Prince, and Allen Iverson: Dumars wants to wash his hands with this. He’s been gunning for Amar’e just like any other GM and rumors have said that he’s willing and dealing with a combination of these three. Hey, might as well throw in Rip Hamilton into the mix. I don’t think anything will get done here. I can’t explain it, but my intuition says no. Well, my eight ball said it.

Chris Bosh: He’s “somewhat” available. Rumors are spreading around that he’s not happy in T-Dot and may not re-sign. I don’t see him being moved this season. I just don’t see it. Perhaps during draft night.

Jermaine O’Neal: I don’t see him being moved. Big contract, always injured, and he regressed a lot. Toronto, you’re stuck with him. You can probably still move him, but his value is damn low despite the 9 block game against the Lakers.

Richard Jefferson
: Bucks are shopping him around. Chances are high that he gets traded deadline or not.

Vince Carter: Is he going to the Spurs? I hope so. He didn’t make the All Star squad even as a reserve. Time to go. New Jersey, please do him a favor; trade him to a winner. You’re not going to get Tim Duncan, Tony Parker or Manu back. It makes sense that Spurs give you Roger Mason + filler in exchange.

There might be some names I left off such as Tracy McGrady and Carlos Boozer, but I haven’t read much about them in recent trade talks so I can’t comment.

So who is leaving and who ends up staying?