Monday , Feb , 16 , 2009 J.N.

NBA All Star 2008-2009 Weekend was wack.

NBA All Star 2008-2009 Weekend was wack.How did it get to this? It’s disgusting to hear people say that it was a great All Star weekend. Are you blind?

It was terrible and easily forgettable. The only thing enjoyable was Kevin Durant showing the rest of the world that he’s reaching “Lebron-Kobe” like untouchable status (even some of us knew way long before) and

They’re dancing to Nas’ "Hero" by the way for you kids listening to the Chris Brown stuff. It’s sad to note that after Shaq did his entertaining entrance, the announcer said that it was time to announce the All Star starters. Sad. Usually Shaq is a starter.

Of course, the weekend in Phoenix was dominated by the Mishandling Misspelling of Amar’e Stoudemire and the Crush of Planet Orange. Is he gone or not? How come the Suns are turning into a turd so quickly? Should they just hold on to Amar’e and build around him? They can’t build around a guy who doesn’t play defense that well. Sometimes he doesn’t even try. He’s no Tim Duncan or Shaq. STAT is a solid number 2 option though, but you do not build around number 2 options. Also, the firing of Terry Porter left a $4 million dollar mark for owner Robert Sarver to eat up. Ouch.

The HORSE game was merely a jump shooting contest. It was something I expected to turn out. Durant won the “My Little Pony” action figure for the blasted thing. I’m surprised they didn’t hand over the GEICO lizard or having KD to hang out with the pissed off cavemen. It would have been a great tie-in if Durant said, “This contest was so easy even a caveman can win it.” Then have the camera cut to a pissed off caveman with his arms crossed shaking his head saying, “You’re fucked up, Kev. That was a Flagrant Foul.”

I’ll pass on the Shooting Stars crap.

I chose Derrick Rose to win the Skills Challenge before it even started and he fulfilled the prophecy. It was cool to see these guys half-ass the event, but then again, it’s not that serious to begin with. Did any of you see Chris Paul get out of his seat after Derrick Rose did that reverse dunk?

The Rookie-Sophomore game was actually more entertaining than the All Star game. People were saying that the Rooks got this because of Greg Oden. Oden just proved that he might be an injury plagued player for years to come. I just found out that he has a bone chip in his left knee. Sam Bowie ver. 2.0?

The three point contest was cool because it actually had a true one on one final. Somebody quick! Do a documentary on the rise of Daequan Cook. It was sad to know that Ben Gordon was never invited despite never shooting below 40% from three point land in his career so far.

The Dunk Contest. Where do I start with this? Color me unimpressed. Howard had one nice dunk from behind the back board. Rudy Fernandez proved that he doesn’t have big hands. Nate Rob displayed a lot of swag, but I’m still pissed off at him robbing Andre Iguodala. The entire contest was a huge letdown. Follow my suggestions on how to save it. I was so disappointed that I had to search the net for this:

These dudes’ dunks are greater than your life. That delayed windmill and that last dunk in the video. OH MY GOD. That was bananas.

And to the actual All Star game…please Lebron. You have all the power and hops in the world, but come out gunning to layups? What’s with this finesse crap? Even Brandon Roy was throwing it down better than you. Chris Paul can definitely keep the game going up and down. He’ll be doing it for years to come and that’s a great thing. Now who’s going to do it for the East? Mo Williams showed me some nice stuff, but I don’t see him as a perennial all star. Devin Harris can’t run the game like Paul or Deron either. So who is it going to be in the future?

Congrats to Shaq and Kobe winning the love connection award though. And here’s to the other stuff that made All Star weekend somewhat entertaining: