Wednesday , Feb , 18 , 2009 J.N.

The Retirement of Tracy McGrady

The Retirement of Tracy McGrady
Was this the infamous dunk in HS where he ended Felton’s career before it even started? This was probably the one where it launched this skinny unknown kid into scout’s eyes and Felton into the Bermuda Triangle.

I’m listening to Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time” and Phil Collins’ “Do You Remember?” I remember the times quite well. Here was this goofy kid coming out of high school into the NBA back in 1997 just like Kobe Bryant the year before. He had all this potential. Even former general manager of the Chicago Bulls Jerry Krause wanted to trade Scottie Pippen for T-Mac until Michael Jordan stepped in to stop all that mess.

Today in 2009, he’s a beaten down man at the age of 30. Tracy is already playing like he’s 37 years old.

The T-Mac beast we saw in 2000-2005 is forever gone. Even basketball aficionados can make a case for McGrady being better than Kobe around 2002-2004. It was somewhat true at the time depending on who you asked or argued with. Don’t believe me? Check the stats and go from there.

McGrady will not retire any time soon, but the McGrady we used to see lives in nostalgia in YouTube land. As you may all know, he’s officially out for the season once again and needs micro fracture knee surgery. Any fan of the Houston Rockets should be on suicide watch, but they should know where they stand with him. You finally have your closure. Simply put, it’s time to move on. The organization tried to move on with the rumored Vince Carter deal that would have sent T-Mac to New Jersey, but that deal is obviously dead. Get used to seeing him as some sort of role player; a bit overpriced one.

Is this it? I mean, this is it? His legacy is known as The Second Round Virgin? Remember the time when he spoke prematurely saying that he was finally happy to advance to the second round being up 3-1 in the playoffs against Detroit? That was brutal. That started everything. He was having a great series, too. All I kept thinking was, “This fool has got to shut the hell up. It isn’t over.” Man, he was on his way to Hall of Fame status.

Today, he should get grouped in with Grant Hill and Penny Hardaway although he did have a better longer statistical career than either of those two. He shouldn’t get much hate. This dude brought it when he was 100% healthy yet I don’t think he’s hall of fame worthy. He just could never stay healthy to see his full potential; we only saw some of it. It’s sad. Sometimes these types of things are just built into their DNAs. It was written.

Thanks for the time you were healthy, Mac. You gave us a lot of memories. I remember going to a Clipper game back on November 26, 2007 to see him kill them in person. It was great, but those times are now buried in my memory. Wouldn’t it be funny if the Rockets finally made it to the second round without him?  I’ll let this be known. I think the Houston Rockets’ doctors are terrible. He needed this last season and for them to catch this now when the season is half gone? He just had surgery in the off season and he needs another one already? Oh my goodness. Those doctors should be fired. Oh well. Good thing YouTube exists.