Thursday , Feb , 26 , 2009 J.N.

Why do the Toronto Raptors stink so good? Vol. Bosh or Bargs

Why do the Toronto Raptors stink so good? Vol. Bosh or BargsA question was raised. It was “who suffered a worse breakdown? This year’s Raptors or last season’s Bulls?

I didn’t hesitate. It’s the Chicago Bulls of 2007-2008 because they were picked to go to the Eastern Conference Finals, and in the season before that, they made it to the second round. During the crash, they did not have any direction, the coach and players lost confidence in each other, contract talks, trade talks, selfishness, and regression all exposed them. They regressed all together into a lottery team.

The Toronto Raptors of 2008-2009 is experiencing similar stuff. They lack any direction, players and coach lost support in each other, Bosh’s 2010 plans, Jermaine O’Neal experiment ending in utter failure, and lack of effort exposed them. Don’t worry, T-Dot. Look on the bright side. You don’t really need a number one pick when you already have one with Andrea Bargnani. Just look! He’s turning the corner! He doesn’t look like Bustnani anymore. You still have Chris Bosh, too. This tandem creates more problems than answers though.

Who are you going build around? Continue with Bosh or start around Bargnani?

Bryan Colangelo cannot keep both because Bosh has already made some murmur about opting out. You know the cliché. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Besides, Bosh and Bargnani cannot work together because neither of them is good defensively. They’re proving that this season with one of the worst records in the league with a current record of 23-36. Would you even want to see this squad in the playoffs? It’s better to lock yourself up with a top 10 pick, no? You can finally land that talented wing man you were looking for.

Yet honestly, die hard Raps fans…do you see this squad 2 years from now with Chris Bosh? As an outsider, I don’t. If his body language and effort doesn’t tell you what he’s thinking then there’s nothing left to show that could be more evident. Truth is Toronto had 5 seasons to build a playoff contender around Bosh and it hasn’t happened. Cut your losses; trade Bosh once this miserable season ends and start a new path with Bargnani. I’m pretty sure Bosh doesn’t want to resign so just bite the bullet. Don’t bank on resigning him. That would be a stupid move. Try to get a quality defensive center, a tough defensive minded role player, and top 10 pick through this trade. I’m guessing this trade should go down on draft night to get maximum value. This way, the Raptors would be able to build quickly around Bargs. C’mon, don’t knock it.

Think about it. Colangelo would be getting two top 10 players in the draft (even if it is a weak draft class) with 2 additional players coming back in some 3 way trade. Notice that I’m emphasizing defense. Jose Calderon can’t change gears like TJ Ford either and he can’t run a fast break. Let’s look at the other problems on why this season’s squad has been a train wreck:

  • Soft 
  • No defense 
  • No quality shooting guard 
  • No Jorge Garbajosa
  • Not enough consistent outside shooting.  
  • O’Neal being too injured to get any chemistry going.

On another note, Shawn Marion is another problem. Do you give him his deal he’s looking for? The thing with Marion is he thinks he’s really good now to warrant that big deal. Common sense says that’s not true. He’s aging. He’s no longer the all star he was in Phoenix. He’s gradually declining. Someone please tell Marion this. He’s currently getting a little bit over $17 million just for this season courtesy of If he wants a $17 million plus per season deal, let him walk. Don’t even think about crying. Save that money for 2010.

So what would you do? Retool around Bosh again or start anew with Bargnani?