Saturday , Feb , 28 , 2009 J.N.

Subtraction is not the answer and Jason Williams got rejected!

Subtraction is not the answer and Jason Williams got rejected!Can I borrow a dollar?

So now some die-hard fans of the NBA are calling for the subtraction of some NBA teams? David Stern and the NBA are ready to borrow $175 million in deal arranged by JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America. 15 squads can have their hands in the monies, but only up $11.66 maximum. The NBA is not that recession proof as people think. Teams are currently hurting out there. And some of you want some teams eliminated?

That’s idiotic.

Look around you. Isn’t there a recession going around? There are high numbers of unemployment in almost all of the 50 states. So wait, you call for contraction by going back to the long standing number of 28 teams in decades past? 2 teams were eliminated. Why anyone want to do that? I’m no economist, but I am a realist. If any teams are eliminated, the NBA just added to the staggering numbers of unemployment. Think about the staff behind the scenes, personnel, vendors, trainers, janitors, ticket scalpers, half time show people, and coaches. President Obama would give you the ol’ pimp slap for even thinking it. That’s not what we need. Instead of destroying things, the NBA has to keep on striving for creation.

Point is elimination is definitely not the answer. Now is not the time. Instead of eliminating teams, just relocate them. At least people are not out of jobs. For some, this is their passion. For others, it’s their careers. This should not even be raised. There’s something else that should be talked about and that is the issue of guaranteed contracts. Despite being pro-player, when the collective bargain agreement is up, owners have a great case to end 100% guaranteed contracts. Teams are losing $10-$25 million. I’m not sure if that’s complete fact, but I know it is believable. People have certain images of owners wearing black suits smoking cigars while wearing a monocle drinking champagne bragging to each other, “Oh yeah! We got them!”

I see why people think it’s just one huge scam to use more money that’s not theirs while protecting their profits. I, for one, do not think that’s possible right now because most of us are affected by the hard hitting recession. Everyone is scared to spend. Attendance is low, but for big city teams such as the Lakers, Knicks, Bulls, and Rockets, they don’t have to worry. The guaranteed contract should be brought up again. I know that the player’s union fought hard for that, but in this economic climate, I know owners will want to discuss how the NFL does things. It’s a better solution to reduce players becoming lazy and contract year problems. I think the NFL has a superior structure in place. Only agree to a certain money figure to be guaranteed and the rest is performance based stuff. The quality of play in the NBA would sky rocket.

Instead of subtraction, should the NBA eliminate 100% guaranteed contracts?

On another note, I noticed Jason Williams got denied access back into the NBA. Good. He deserved it. He stole money from the Clippers because he retired. The Clippers still had to pay him regardless for that stunt. Now he wants back in? Pfft. He was an overrated fancy pass player. He always took bad shots, didn’t know how to run a team, and couldn’t play defense.