Saturday , Mar , 07 , 2009 J.N.

The Shaq/Kobe feud was manufactured?

The Shaq/Kobe feud was manufactured?Shaq recently said that his feud with player 24 was all made up for marketing. Why would anyone in their right mind say such a thing? If it was true that it was fabricated then David Stern is officially Vince McMahon. This shouldn’t be a story line. This is not a soap opera. This is sports. This is basketball. The real drama occurs on the court. The backstage politics stuff is used to garner drama for entertainment purposes. The action on the court is not entertaining enough?

Mr. David Stern, maybe you should not have to worry about fabricating stuff if you didn’t ruin the actual game in the first place. During the 1980s and 1990s, the fans didn’t worry about backstage politics. We had aggressive play. We had hand checking. We had dudes slapping backboards after dunks. People used to do chin ups on rims. We had enormous trash talking that refs didn’t have to account for. We had John Tesh’s NBA on NBC song. What happened to all of that?

The Shaq/Kobe feud was probably written by a twisted soap opera writer. They met when they were young. Kobe was younger, but Shaq was becoming the veteran. They were a great couple. They were learning together. They fed off each other’s chemistry on the court. They spoke highly of each other in interviews. They dominated teams with their unique talents. They were fooling around on the court before games like any couple would do smiling in pictures. They started to win a title and individual awards. Everything looked great. They looked like they were going to dominate the league for as long as they were together. They were unstoppable. Just ask the Sacramento Kings.

They had their ups and downs. Of course, they did. What couple doesn’t? They worked through them and moved on winning more titles and recognition.

Then curiosity started to slowly seep in. People wondered if Kobe depended on Shaq more or did Shaq depend on Kobe more? Kobe started to wonder if he can win one as the top dog instead of referring to Shaq. It went downhill after this. Curiosity did kill the Bling Dynasty. An influx of constant bickering and trade demands flowed into the relationship. Kobe started ball hogging. He became impatient. The Lakers got Karl Malone and Gary Payton to smooth the relationship and to win another title. Kobe’s curiosity of being the man finally reared its’ true form during the 2004 Finals against the Detroit Pistons. His selfishness cost the title. The Lakers did not take advantage of Shaq’s good games either. They got dominated on. Then soon it was over.

They finally broke up after 9 seasons together.

Shaq left and Kobe went on his way to explore his curiosity to be the man. Phil Jackson, the glue, left basketball all entirely. It wasn’t pretty. In fact, it was downright ugly. Kobe and the Lakers missed the playoffs. They turned into a lottery team. Shaq thrived in his new relationship with Dwayne Wade and won another ring. Kobe and the Lakers did get back to the playoffs, but it hasn’t been the same. It took Phil Jackson to return to make it all great again, but Kobe has yet to win a title as the leader. They were eliminated twice by Phoenix with Kobe giving up in one of them. Shaq was showing his age and his relationship with Dwayne Wade ended. Kobe made it to the Finals again, but got dominated by Boston.

Kobe and the Lakers currently look good, but they still have problems with Bynum who is supposed to be the next big man to finally replace Shaq’s place. Too bad that’s not possible. Andrew Bynum is an injury plagued player. He has too many weaknesses compared to Shaq. Kobe Bryant finally realized that The Diesel is not just a hall of famer. In fact, he’s a “once in a lifetime” physically dominating player. Kobe’s mind can wander, but now he realizes after exploring his game, that Shaq was the man. Kobe’s mind is not wandering anymore. He knows for sure now that he had it unbelievably great as Shaq’s sidekick.

They were just unstoppable together when it all clicked.

Recently, Kobe and Shaq came back together. No, The Diesel is not actually back with the Lakers. They just started smiling together when they saw each other again on the court. Taking pictures together. They’re playing nice again as if nothing ever happened. They played on the same team during the 2009 All Star game in Phoenix. They played so well that they won the All Star MVP together. Kobe happily let Shaq have the trophy to take home. If someone ever asked Kobe if he wanted Shaq back, I know that Kobe wouldn’t hesitate. He’s done exploring. He’s seen it all. Of course, he would take Shaq back. But would Shaq want back in? I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t mind at all either.

I heard The Diesel is averaging 18 pts, nearly 9 boards, and 1.5 blocks per game. Didn’t he drop 45 points, 11 rebounds, 3 steals, and a block while making 20-25 shots? The next game he managed 33 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists in a win against Kobe’s Lakers. He’s still proving that he can still turn it up whenever he chooses. He’s still that great whenever he wants.

If this stuff was manufactured, it’s one of the greatest stories we witnessed. It’s almost like the Michael Jordan/Scottie Pippen relationship, but these men didn’t go through what Shaq and Kobe went through. They knew they had a great thing so they did not bother to break it up. Of course, MJ left to explore his original dream of baseball with the death of his father. He needed to break away from the game. Pippen was left alone to explore his game as the man. He wasn’t successful either. MJ finally realized that basketball is his love. He appreciated everything in basketball a lot more. The baseball stuff was more of a projection of his father’s dream. The GOAT returned and all was right in the world. They kept on dominating after that making history.

I like MJ/Pippen’s ending better.

If this stuff was manufactured then who is making them up? For what? For marketing purposes? Or is this just life revealing itself, but just through basketball? Is everything else in the NBA rigged?

I know Shaq was lying. The feud wasn’t made up for marketing. It was just life being played out. It’s happened before and it will happen again, but with a different duo. Just like with any great young couple.

Same problems, different faces.