Tuesday , Mar , 10 , 2009 J.N.

Is Greg Oden another Michael Olowokandi? Vol. Sam Bowie

Is Greg Oden another Michael Olowokandi? Vol. Sam BowieWhen Portland thought they were getting stacked for the next 15 years, this number one pick of 2007 immediately became a curse as it was a gift. Recently, people have been questioning Greg Oden’s heart. Honestly I’m not sure why people are questioning his heart. It’s not his heart. It’s his body. It’s those nasty injuries. Penny Hardaway, Grant Hill, and many others have gone through this.

It was written.

It was written in their genetic code. That’s not their fault that they’re like that. They can only hope for the best before they step on the court each game. I thought Portland was getting stacked full of stars such as Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge. At the 2007 Draft, I just kept thinking, “So now they have Greg Oden? This sounds very unfair. They’re getting too much talent.” Perhaps Greg Oden had to stay injury plagued. No offense to Oden, but this fits the scheme of life. No such thing can be too lopsided. What I mean is Portland was getting so much talent that they looked too scary. They started looking invincible.

Greg Oden represents balance. No team in the NBA is invincible. Portland was looking invincible. Oden getting injured merely reinforces balance. If he didn’t get injured, the team would be too uber powerful. From my years of living life and watching basketball, every team in every season faces some kind of setback they have to overcome such as the Lakers and Andrew Bynum, the Celtics and their weak bench, the Hornets and Tyson Chandler’s crush feelings, and the Magic with Jameer Nelson out. Every squad has problems.

It’s just tragic that such a young promising player, such as Oden, has to be sacrificed to restore the order of balance. If he is this sacrificial lamb then I have to say that Oden is Sam Bowie, but on a much larger scale. Is it too early to call him a bust? Let’s think about that. When he was healthy, he wasn’t playing very well. There were some games where he did show flashes, but then he kept on getting into foul trouble. When he was steady that’s when he kept on getting injured. For a man this young and his body is already blasted with injuries, that’s usually not a good sign. Doubt is sinking in about the “Bill Russell” like potential he possesses. Greg Oden, at times, looked too good to be true in high school and college.

And you know what they say about that, right? He probably is. I hope Oden comes back strong next year to make me eat crow. I sincerely do. At this point in the game, through his second year, he’s looking like a bust because of the injuries. I’m scared just to see him land after a jump. I cringe. If he goes through next season with some kind of injury, it’s time to cut their losses. I would trade him before it’s too late.

Is Greg Oden looking like a bust already?