Wednesday , Mar , 18 , 2009 J.N.

What it do, Coach? What’s really good?

What it do, Coach? What's really good?Usually when a season is nearing its end, true feelings come out in papers or through confidantes between coaches and players. A coach cannot have a good relationship with every player on the roster and not every player can like every coach that comes through. We’ve seen this many times before if you’ve been following sports for a very long time. The choking incident between Latrell Sprewell and PJ Carlesimo is probably the worst we’ll see. People have disagreements. Some people can work through it and they come out stronger. Others can’t and will do anything to prove a point.

Josh Smith and Mike Woodson: It’s gotten worse. These two have been at it when they first met back in 2004. Woodson became permanently bald and the relationship became even worse. They have proven that they cannot work through their differences. They had 5 years to do it and things just got worse. If players and coaches do not like each other then they have to at least have some mutual respect for each other’s abilities. Sorry. They don’t have that either. Who should leave? My recommendation is Mike Woodson. He hasn’t done anything for Atlanta. Josh Smith is a hard talent to find. He’s still very young and can block shots like Dwight Howard.

Jamal Crawford and Don Nelson: Opt out or get traded. Don Nelson did not hide his emotions. I’m surprised they didn’t go blow to blow in the locker room. If I was Crawford, I would just play for my stats whenever I get the chance. If I was Nelson, I would bench or send him home for the rest of the season. The truth here is neither man is great. They can’t get anything done. Crawford is a journeyman combo guard and Nelson has not led any squad to a championship. Either man can be gone. You don’t lose anything nor do you gain anything. I guess it’s pretty much indifference.

Carmelo Anthony/JR Smith and George Karl: This is only going to get worse than it is going to get better. Melo got angry over certain stretches when he gets on fire. Karl would take him out. He claims that every time Karl takes him out, he will run hard to the bench. JR Smith doesn’t even want to talk to the coach. He just flat out doesn’t want it. The assistants have to be the channels to tell JR and Karl what they want. Two players not like the coach? This is definitely not going to get any better. In this scenario, who do you get rid of? Carmelo resembles a franchise player. JR Smith is not bad to have. George Karl has only been to the Finals once. I would keep Melo and Smith over Karl in the long run. George Karl is a good coach, but he’s not an elite one. A player like Carmelo is hard to find. We question his leadership skills, but we don’t question his gift of putting the ball in the basket.

Which one here should just cut bait?