Monday , Apr , 06 , 2009 J.N.

NBA players Twittering

NBA players TwitteringAs far as I know, letting people know how you really feel is a catch 22 type of thing. It’s great for fans to know how NBA players truly think on a human level. It’s also bad to know that they’re wasting their time during the half leaking out little things that occur in a locker room. It’s just in bad taste. Scott Skiles let Charlie Villanueva have it about this twittering business. After that, Villanueva could not let it go. He questioned whether he was right or wrong in doing it. He drew parallels to players giving their thoughts before heading to the locker room for the half. He probably even compared it to giving post game interviews.

Here’s the thing. There’s a huge difference in letting people know the deal before and after the game, but not during one. It’s not good for a coach to go over game plans and motivational speeches only to see his player with his head down twittering on the cell phone. That type of nonsense is very discouraging. Is the player listening? Does he even care? I personally don’t put up with that junk. No one should. You’re giving your all to make adjustments while motivating people and he’s wasting your time twittering. What if the player mistakenly let peeps know that they’re going to run the pick and roll more often? He could potentially throw the game without even realizing it.

I would not twitter at all. Avoid all the mind games. What if Chris Bosh, Wade, Amar’e, and Lebron James let people know where they’re leaning for 2010? How far do they want to take it? Twitter is harmless, but they have to know be careful of what they put down. Shaq’s Twitter page is hilarious. Go visit it sometime. While looking at Shaq’s page, what makes his stuff fun is that he doesn’t speak about basketball a lot. I think the last thing anyone would want to do is talk about their work. Tyrus Thomas and Chris Bosh have their twitter pages up and running, too. It’s odd to see people writing about how they just took a dump, eating, and now preparing to sleep like that stuff are the most important things in the world.

If I was a multi-millionaire athlete, I would twitter about what car I’m thinking about buying. Or how does a $100 bill fill when I wipe with it compared to a $50 bill. Or buying a yacht just for the sake of being on a boat. Or how much can I let it rain at the strip club. What kind of guns can I get, how fast can a prostitute in Las Vegas get up in my room and how much can I get away with at numerous Las Vegas buffets. I would even brag, "Hey yo. I just blew $10 grand at a table and I don’t care."  These things are more essential than letting people know that "I need to step up my game for coach." I mean who cares?

So does Charlie Villanueva have a point?