Monday , Jun , 01 , 2009 J.N.

So what if Derrick Rose cheated?

So what if Derrick Rose cheated?Don’t expect to turn on G4 and expect the TV show “Cheaters” where unfaithful lovers are caught cheating on their spouses. It’s not that type of party. This particular type of cheating is more frowned upon because it involves giving someone an edge in life. If the allegations are true then Derrick Rose has to do a lot more than service public announcements and fundraisers.

Hopefully he can explain.

Supposedly Rose had a stand-in to take the SAT test for him, and during his senior year at Simeon, his grades were altered. That’s the gist of it.

Is Rose really that dumb or really that smart?

As a collective whole, we tend to punish this type of dishonesty more harshly than fighting, grand theft, or maybe even murder. This form of cheating screams, “He got away with bloody murder!” Did Rose really get away with it? Not really since all of this has recently come to light. The NCAA has threatened to erase Memphis’ magical season where Rose proved that he was the number one pick in the draft as well as being a classic choke artist. They cannot punish the 2008-2009 NBA Rookie of the Year because he is no longer in the collegiate ranks. They cannot punish John Calipari since he is no longer there as the head coach. That means Memphis has to handle the brunt. Too bad so sad. What if Derrick Rose nailed those free throws in the championship game against Kansas to win the title? Would the NCAA strip away Memphis of their title and pretend that the season never happened?

Rose cheated off the court, not on it. Let’s pretend if he took steroids. Would anyone care? Here is another scenario: Rose purposely playing poor to throw games or to cover spreads. That’s probably the worst scenario.

Rose’s image is tainted a bit after this scandal has been exposed. Rose himself isn’t in any type of trouble although he does have questions to answer. The real issue that is raised is the actual cheating.

Is this true? Do we really have to cheat sometimes to get somewhere? White or black, there are many underprivileged talented kids out there, but they are not equipped with the smarts or the resources to get there. They would have to sacrifice integrity to get where they want to be. This is what it has come to?

Whether it’s Derrick Rose or Joe Schmoe, no one is entitled to the good life living out a dream; absolutely no one. We have to work for it. We have to show the passion, the effort, and the perseverance to get to that goal. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that Rose did not show any of that, but he sacrificed his integrity. He lost some respect in that manner. Try to put the destiny in your own hands. Not let someone else do it for you.

Let me make this clear. I work for everything I got. Nothing was ever handed to me. Despite all of that, Rose wasn’t the first to take this shortcut. Many athletes before him did. It’s not rocket science, but it is awful that Derrick Rose is attached to this. This is a slap to the face to hard working young people who struggle for everything they get and some end up with a $50K per year career. They call that a blessing. We get angrier with athletes since they end up being multimillionaires over night. Common folk have this stereotype that athletes have things handed to them because they were physically gifted to potentially become a money making machine for other greedy conniving people trying to get their slice of the pie. Someone usually has something vested in them.

Would you cheat if you were Derrick Rose?