Wednesday , Jun , 24 , 2009 J.N.

How does one build a team around Lebron James? Call Shaq.

How does one build a team around Lebron James? Call Shaq.We thought that Lebron James and the Cavaliers would end up against Kobe’s Lakers in the Finals. Everyone would be screaming, “Rigged!” That did not happen in reality. Lebron and his Cavs could not get pass Dwight Howard’s Orlando Magic. The Eastern Conference Finals was not even competitive by any means and the Cavaliers in its’ current form was exposed. It was all Lebron. No one else could step up. Most of us thought that it was destined to be a Kobe versus Lebron thing since we witnessed Kobe suffering major catastrophes in playoff series against the Suns and losing to Kevin Garnett’s Boston Celtics in the 2008 Finals. He finally broke through to get to the highest level again while Lebron was showing so much MVP skill experiencing setbacks along the way such as losing to Tim Duncan’s Spurs and Kevin Garnett’s Boston Celtics.

The series against the Magic was absolutely horrible.

That was too much Lebron, not much of anyone else. What happened to the rest of the team? It was like everyone, besides Bron, became offensively impotent. He cannot do everything himself. We’ve seen this before with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Varejao, Mo Williams, Ilgauskas, and Delonte West could not get anything done. This shows that this team was worse than the team that went to the Finals with Drew Gooden and Larry Hughes. How can that team be better than this 66 win team? I’m not suggesting blowing up this 66 win team.

No way.

But usually there is room for improvement.

They lack toughness in the paint, don’t have a long athletic wing that can defend and produce consistently, and Ben Wallace needs to take himself somewhere far away like Siberia or Prague. He’s been finished for the longest of times. It’s time to call it “Father Time.” Package him away as trade fodder; I’m pretty sure there’s someone who is interested in his expiring contract during these economic times. So what to do with this squad that is just not good enough to win it all?
Where do you start?

They need another legit star for one, not Maurice Williams. They desperately need someone who can score consistently in the paint. Who do they call?

The Shaq Attaq? Man, if only we can get a time machine and get the Shaq of the 1990s. The Diesel has just been traded to Cleveland in a 3 player deal that would send him in exchange for Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic , a second round pick, and $500,000. The proposed deal is awaiting approval. There’s your other star, Cleveland. But then again, he’s a fading star. Shaq can only play in half of those games at this age. That’s fine though since Pavlovic and Ben Wallace combined cannot equal the output of 2009 Shaq. They will definitely need Shaq in the playoffs for sure. Please realize that they are still not done making moves.

Inner circles say that they’re interested in Gerald Wallace as well. Whoever they like, they better get him fast to place renewed faith in Lebron. The one thing I don’t like about this is that the ages are not merging with Bron. They are placing old guys around him. I think they would want guys to grow {with} him, correct? Big Z paired up with Shaq? Wow, that’s a slow frontcourt.

Well whatever happens, Shaq can face Dwight Howard 4 times next season and then tweet about it.