Tuesday , Jun , 30 , 2009 J.N.

Griffin. Rubio. DeRozan.

Griffin. Rubio. DeRozan.Rubio, who could pass for another member of Menudo, is receiving tons of hype from teams trying to trade for him. He is flexing some leverage by claiming that he’s leaning towards staying in Spain for a couple of more years. This got so bad that Kevin Love had to tweet about it. Didn’t Rubio have troubles dribbling around a chair? Let’s be real. You knew it was bad when Rubio said smiling, “Of course, I’m Ricky Rubio” after he got drafted. He’s referring to himself in the third person. The last person I remembered doing that constantly was Dwayne Johnson, who is known as The Rock, during his time in the WWE. This shows that Rubio already has a huge ego. There is no hate here. I really don’t care, but he should respect the league. There are many point guards way better than him from Derrick Rose to Rajon Rondo.

This begs the question: Is Rubio already overrated? He has not played one minute in the League and many teams are scrambling to unload assets to get him. What’s going on here? He’s not Lebron James, Dwight Howard, or even Derrick Rose. He’s probably not the best player in the draft and he’s getting more press than Blake Griffin. One can argue that Jonny Flynn is probably the better point guard. Don’t get it twisted though. Ricky Rubio is still a good player with what we saw in the Beijing Olympics and FIBA, but one has to think, “If he’s that great, why he didn’t go top 3 in the draft?” James Harden was picked over him! Rubio’s vision for passing is pretty damn good and his defense is solid. Basketball fans are already predicting that, at his peak, he will average 12 assists.

Blake Griffin, the kid who beat late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon in a dunk contest, once hit his head against the back board on a dunk. He has size and the athleticism to potentially be a few time All Star. What is this kid’s ceiling? Is he the 20+ points and 11 rebounds per game consistent threat? Is he better than Michael Beasley? He is the undisputed number one pick in the 2009 draft after all, and with that, he might just be better.

Finally, The Toronto Raptors finally got their big wing player in Demar DeRozan. I find it amusing that the great people in Toronto are making him out to be “Vince Carter part 2” or “Heir Canada.” That’s great. We all hope he becomes something similar after all those disastrous non-playoff seasons with Bosh, Calderon, and company. Some, with their grandiose imaginations, picture him to be a 25-30 points per game scorer. Oh really? Wow. That’s high expectations considering that it was a weak draft. No one should really see DeRozan that way since he did not show “Kobe” potential anywhere. Try to be more realistic, Raptor fans. Be more reasonable. You should see him as a 17-22 points per game at best. What’s wrong with that projection? That’s still pretty good.

Out of the three, who will be the best if they can reach their full potential?