Saturday , Jul , 04 , 2009 J.N.

Allen Iverson anyone?

Allen Iverson anyone?Psst.

I heard Allen Iverson is a free agent.

Yet barely anyone is saying anything. When Charlie Villanueva, Ben Gordon, and Marcin Gortat are getting more press than Allen Iverson, something must be wrong, right? Iverson was a top 3 scorer a few years ago, right? Isn’t he a former MVP as well? What happened here? No one seemingly wants The Answer Allen Iverson. Was this all a surprise? In this case, life is like an old girlfriend. You already know what you’re going to get. You take her back, but there is no excitement anymore. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just as time marches on, some things fall apart.

And so did Allen Iverson. I still think he’s better than Ben Gordon even at this time in his career.
He can still be had for cheap (well, cheaper than half of this year’s free agent class by today’s economic climate). All general managers in the league should not have to worry about building a team around him since that’s already been done and no one should be worried about his ego since he’s no longer a “franchise” player. So what to do with this kind of player?

The Chicago Bulls should not look into him since the Ben Gordon era is done; no more undersized backcourt. Derrick Rose is the franchise point guard and there is not enough height to go around. The Knicks, Miami, and Atlanta can go after him if they want. Realistically, where does he fit? He does not really fit anywhere. Even our workaholic writer Oly Sandor has run out of options for him. Can Iverson just accept being another starter or sixth man? It’s sad to see Iverson being looked down upon even when we know he can still ball.

Should he just retire and fade away now?

The kid who came in with the “thug” image. The little guy who can score as much as the greats did. The little man who led the Philadelphia Sixers to the Finals. He’s the player who made the hesitation crossover a staple of today’s street ball, but that can also be called “palming.” The Answer has officially entered “father time” just like Jason Kidd, Shaq, Vince Carter, and Tracy McGrady. Can Lebron James use a player like him? Sure he can. Then again, there are so many basketballs to pass around.

I’m just not sure where he fits. As proposed over and over, he should accept a bench role. We, as fans, should know that Iverson will not let his ego do such a thing. With complete confidence, he’s still capable of scoring 18+ points per night. Despite that, would any coach let him run point or be an undersized shooting guard once again?
Allen Iverson is one of the most prolific scorers ever and it’s a shame that the new generation of fans missed him at his peak during his Sixer days. It was just tough building a team around him.

I hate to see him go out like this where barely anyone wants him in the twilight of his career.