Friday , Jul , 10 , 2009 J.N.

Lebron in Cleveland running out of time?

Lebron in Cleveland running out of time?The NBA is disgusting. Is the rich getting richer? It appears that way as the bottom half of the league can go to hell. Free agency has truly created plenty of disparity. San Antonio got Richard Jefferson. Orlando got Vince Carter. The Lakers got Ron Artest. Detroit is rebuilding with Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva. The Boston Celtics landed Rasheed Wallace and they still have pesky leprechaun point guard Rajon Rondo! What did Cleveland get?

An over-the-hill Shaq Diesel.

The elite squads got better. Just when we thought that Cleveland getting Shaq was a step in some sort of championship title contention, other teams placed them a bit out of reach with their moves. Once again, Lebron is not guaranteed to make the way to the Finals, but then again, who is? The addition of Rasheed Wallace in Boston threw a wrench into the Cavs’ plans. The Diesel is a huge addition, but he’s running out of fuel.

Is Cleveland running out of time?

Dwayne Wade recently said that he will stay only if Miami can contend. Miami, in its’ current state, are a bunch of pretenders. They have to land Chris Bosh or Amare Stoudemire somehow. If Wade feels this way, it is a possible sign that Lebron feels the same way. They could not beat the Magic and if an over the hill O’Neal is the best that Danny Ferry can get then New York, New Jersey, and Chicago better clear plenty of space for 2010. Yeah, all the speculation about the infamous 2010 free agent class has been beaten down like a red headed step child, yet all the events involving other teams are connected to Lebron possibly leaving.

If the Cavs cannot reach the Finals, Lebron James will leave. He wants to be the first billion dollar athlete so opting for a big name city only makes sense to kick in that Nike contract. The 2010 NBA Finals, if Celtics and Lakers can stay healthy, should be those two squads again. The possibility of Lebron leaving has been beaten down like Rodney King. It’s brought up again because it’s looking more likely that he’s leaving. How can Bron and Shaq fight against a fully healthy Boston Celtic team with Rasheed Wallace? The time is ticking. I understand that he said he would not leave Cleveland until he wins one, but opinions change. Come to think of it, they had it great with Carlos Boozer, but hindsight is a bitch.

With all these moves, the present and future look bleak. Like Don Vito Corleone said to his son, Michael Corleone, “There just wasn’t enough time.”

Is Lebron and Cleveland running its’ course?

Big ups to Jordan Crawford dunking on Lebron James. I can’t believe Nike had the nerve to confiscate the tapes. It’s embarrassing for an MVP to be dunked on by a college player. I understand protecting his image. We can’t let the kids see that. Got to think of the kids.