Thursday , Jul , 16 , 2009 J.N.

Carlos Boozer. Destination: NY, Miami, or Chicago?

Carlos Boozer. Destination: NY, Miami, or Chicago?Carlos Boozer, the best power forward the Utah Jazz ever had since Karl Malone, has come up to ESPN Chicago radio and proclaimed that Utah management does not want him in future plans. For those who did not listen to the interview, he sounded just fine in being traded. The Verbal Agreement was openly campaigning for Miami or Chicago. This is not rumors any more. He really is getting traded. For him to go on air and confirm this means that other teams are jumping in. This is not good news for the primary suitors trying to acquire his services, but that’s the price of business.

Management told you, in a sense, that they have given up and wants to go in another direction. It’s the sports world’s saying of “I want a divorce.” Allen Iverson went through this with Philly, Shaq with the Lakers (and Kobe), and Michael Jordan with his own wife Juanita. This is tough to deal with because feelings get hurt and egos bruised. We find ways to cope and move forward. What to do now?

About time to keep options open since there’s plenty of life to live.

There should not be much doubt from many teams looking for a power forward that can consistently produce 20 points and 10 boards. A big man who can output like that should be a keeper, right? The Jazz sees the writing on the wall since they have been eliminated from the playoffs repeatedly. Last season, the Utah fans turned labeling him as “soft.” Boozer did not help his cause further by holding out on an injury until late in the season.

If I was the Jazz, I would trade him, too. The Deron Williams – Boozer era is coming to an end. There’s nothing left. This man cannot play defense and Utah fans want him out the door. Like the late great Michael Jackson sang, “Do you remember the time?” We remember when the Jazz went to the Western Conference Finals against the San Antonio Spurs. I thought something special was brewing. Boy, I was wrong. The team had real issues with toughness when AK 47 broke down and cried during an interview.

So which team (currently rumored) can Boozer can win with?

New York: I’m not sure about this one. They’re still crying over their much beloved Stephen Curry. There’s nothing here to work with besides Mike D’Antoni. Hey, the coach does not encourage defense. Boozer will like that, but there’s too much running involved.

Miami: Dwayne Wade is begging for help. Aside from Beasley, what else does this team have to offer? Jermaine O’Neal is a shell of himself. This squad, in its’ current form, is not deep enough either. The women, sunny weather, and beaches sure do help in getting Boozer here, but what can Miami give Utah? O’Neal? They’ll laugh out of the building. I’m sure the Jazz will want Beasley somewhere.

: Utah fans hate Derrick Rose for his leg sweep against Deron Williams. C’mon fellas. Move on already. Deron did not get a career ending injury. He’s healed up. He’s fine. Aside from the cold weather, the Bulls have Rose, Salmons, Noah, James Johnson, Brad Miller, and Mister Softee himself, Luol Deng. Utah can get Tyrus Thomas and Kirk Hinrich.

I’m not so sure about a trade during the deadline mid season. It has to be done now. Remember, Boozer is an expiring contract. I wouldn’t want to rent a player for half a season. At least make it a full season. Before they trade him, figure out the Paul Millsap situation.