Wednesday , Jul , 29 , 2009 J.N.

Can Kobe’s Lakers repeat?

Can Kobe's Lakers repeat?Kobe showed the world that he can do it without Shaq. The question is now can he lead the team to do it again? LA fans will immediately stand up and say “hell yeah” without thinking too much. They have every reason to think that way. How does one stop an unstoppable force that is too unstoppable? For starters, the unstoppable force can be stopped via injury or the occasional horrendous shooting night. Either way, the Lakers still have the consistent Pau Gasol, steady Derek Fisher, and the injury plagued Andrew Bynum to cover up for Kobe’s off nights.

Trevor Ariza left for the Houston Rockets, but the Lakers got more than enough in return with the newly acquired Ron Artest. That void was filled quite nicely – a decision that Ariza might regret, but we can’t fault the man for choosing more money over winning another title. That’s done and over with. What about Lamar Odom? How important is he? Can the Lakers repeat without him if he chooses Miami instead?

Of course they can.

I do not see why not. Currently, Jerry Buss and the Lakers have an offer on the table for him. It’s up to Odom to accept or reject. It’s interesting to note that this situation should have been cleared up awhile back. Is this just another ploy to keep Lakers attention in the eyes of Manny World and the Dodgers? Sometimes this feels like Jerry Buss was not interested in retaining Odom in the first place. Then again, he doesn’t want to outbid himself. Die hard Laker fans are getting anxious and just want this saga to be done and over with. I agree. What if Odom does leave? Who is going to be the replacement?

Another thing – why is the Miami Heat chasing after him? They traded him before. What’s going on here Pat Riley? You got rid of him, now you want him back? It’s like an ex trying to make amends after he/ she cheated. By getting Odom back, does it really convince Wade to stay? Sure it helps, but there is a lot more to fix with that roster to be back in the Finals. Do you think that by getting Odom that somehow you also land Carlos Boozer? I agree in a dream scenario, but wake up, man. At this point, the Lakers need LO more than the Heat does.

And Odom knows it.

If he re-signs with the Lakers, is he some kind of insurance policy? He probably is in case of Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum going down. Then again, he’s not a good insurance policy. At least he’s something, correct? Without Odom, the Lakers have a solid to good chance of repeating. With Odom, they have a great chance. To my understanding, he wants a 4th year attached to the deal. Tell you what Candy Man.

Play some high stakes poker against Jerry Buss.

Supposedly, Buss offered a 3/30 and 4/36 mil, with a 4th year partially guaranteed. Be smarter than Sprewell, Odom. Take the guaranteed money and just know that you have a great chance of winning another one than you would if you signed in Miami.

Can the Lakers repeat without Odom?