Wednesday , Aug , 05 , 2009 J.N.

How great can Kevin Durant get?

How great can Kevin Durant get?If it makes any sense, this kid is quietly making noise. Not many people are speaking about him since the national sports media is fixated on Kobe, Lebron, and the Boston Celtics making moves. Please remember that Kevin Durant is in his early 20’s and there’s really nothing that can stop him except for injuries. He was the number two pick in the 2007 draft behind Greg Oden. He can potentially be a top 5 player in seasons to come. Oden looks like he will not even sniff that.

We know that he plays for the baby Oklahoma City Thunder with Westbrook and Green. They have a stacked team over there, but they’re too young to cause any serious damage if they were to make the playoffs. Durant can slash, dribble, rebound, and flat out score from anywhere. Initially, he looked like an upgraded version of Rashard Lewis. Today, his game mirrors Lebron James minus strength, explosiveness, and passing ability. However, Durant does possess a superior jump shot.

Can he become a Lebron-level type player?

In short answer, yes. Absolutely. The most tragic trait that both guys share is the inability to defend people – Lebron is the better of the two.

Is he a Lebron-level type player now?

No. He has not shown the consistent ability to dominate and close out games. The only way to truly show people is to make the playoffs. As they stand, the Thunder is just quite not ready, which means Kevin Durant is not able to get the maximum exposure on his game. Lebron has shown, convincingly, that he is a force not to be messed with – the surefire way to accomplish that is by making the playoffs. Will he ever get there? His team can, but only if Durant can stay healthy for the majority of his duration in the NBA. The Seattle Sonics, erm – I meant Oklahoma Thunder – have something extremely special brewing with all the talent they’re amassing.

I can see him as a 30+ points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists type of player. Every time he walks on that court, he is liable to light it up for 50 points. I just don’t want to view him as the “Dominique Wilkins to Michael Jordan” image where Nique always chased Jordan, but never won. It can happen again, but this time its Durant to Lebron. That wouldn’t be any good. The only ways to avoid this image – wreck shop in the playoffs or win an MVP award. That’s it. It’s that simple because he would create his own image in order to stand on his own feet.

Durant ultimately is a future MVP candidate along Kobe, Lebron, Dwight Howard, and Chris Paul. He just needs to work on getting physically stronger and better at defense. If he can turn those things around, he’ll be just as great as Bron, but perhaps not as dominant or physically imposing.

My hats off to you, Kevin Durant. I see you. It’s too bad Seattle is still sleepless.

Where does Durant rank if he keeps progressing like this?