Thursday , Aug , 06 , 2009 J.N.

What was the biggest move for the 2009 offseason?

What was the biggest move for the 2009 offseason?During the offseason, things usually shake up to make adjustments to teams. There were notable ones and ones where we just go “meh.” Whatever the case, moves were still made. Some acquisitions look great. Other moves just make you go, “WTF?”

Detroit: Joe Dumars went out and spent some serious stacks to buy Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva – 2 UCONN products. The total price for their services is roughly around $90 million. Once again, Gordon steps on a squad that has a crowded backcourt. This raises other questions about Dumars’ vision for the Pistons. Is Ben Gordon a Vinnie Johnson clone? $11 million per season for someone like that should be a starter. What will the backcourt look like? A Rodney Stuckey/Gordon duo leaves many complaints because of defense and lack of height. A Stuckey/RIP Hamilton pairing has run its’ course. What to do?

Charlie Villanueva adds more scoring punch and three-point shooting, but nothing else. The defensive toughness that Detroit once had is all gone. Dumars understands that it is rebuilding time and he’s doing it as fast as he possibly can. Twitter about that, CV31.

San Antonio: They got Richard Jefferson for cheap. They know Tim Duncan’s time is slowly coming to an end. One last push for that NBA title before Gregg Popovich rides off into the sunset. Bruce Bowen might come back as a defensive specialist off the bench. Currently, his services are available for anyone to grab. Obtaining Jefferson was a wise move especially with this aging core that is wholly capable of winning one more.

: They got Vince Carter to ensure another trip to the Finals, but they lost a good young prospect in Courtney Lee. Then they lost Hedo Turkoglu. The trip to the Finals seems out of reach knowing that Carter hasn’t been able to stay healthy. Does it matter that they got Vinsanity? Losing Turkoglu was a huge blow.

Los Angeles Lakers: Ron Artest is back in the building. The same championship core will be back with a new weapon. Andrew Bynum should be 100 percent healthy. Lamar Odom did not go anywhere else either. Just like Kobe, they appear unstoppable.

Boston: Here’s another dangerous team with the same personnel returning. The addition of Rasheed Wallace adds another dimension to a defensive minded ball club. If they can stay healthy, they are the best threat to dethrone the Lakers. I’m just waiting for many memorable quotes from this bunch.

: The Shaq Attaq teams up with Lebron. They also grabbed Anthony Parker and Jamario Moon. Is this all enough to inflict major damage? They can get past Orlando if Shaq stays healthy, but what about Boston? Cavs versus Celtics would be a great Eastern Conference Finals series.

New Orleans: They got Emeka Okafor, which is a huge upgrade over Tyson Chandler. Chris Paul should be happy, but it’s not enough to beat the Lakers, Spurs, and Nuggets. Unless all of the three teams suffer significant setbacks, this squad will probably not do much. A second round knockout is in the future.

Which team made the biggest move? Which one will have the greatest impact?