Saturday , Aug , 08 , 2009 J.N.

Minnesota Timberwolves, what a waste of a pick.

Minnesota Timberwolves, what a waste of a pick.This situation gets funnier and funnier.

Jonny Flynn was as good as in. What’s wrong with having Flynn as your starting point guard? Nothing. He’s nice. We saw it a mile away. Then why did they choose Ricky Rubio who is also another point guard? Rubio is nice at 6-5, but really, who were they fooling? It was obvious that Glen Taylor was picking Flynn to trade him or he was probably planning to trade Ricky. Either way, having a nice backcourt is one thing as Rubio has the size to play shooting guard, but his skill set is point guard. How was that going to work? This is the kid that was going to replace OJ Mayo?

They now had their point guard, but they did not have a big guard or a quality small forward as Corey Brewer is quickly showing that he’s a bust. In theory, the plan sounded great. Get two of the best young point guards from this bunch, trade one of them later. Taylor was basically playing Russian roulette. He knew. Most of us knew. People from Rubio’s camp were sending overtures that he wants to play in New York or some big market city before the draft. Many knew that he would not like the idea of balling in Minny because that was the impression he was giving.

Of course, he should be grateful that he was selected to showcase the skills in the Extraordinary League of Ballplayers. We know he wants to be in the NBA since that’s where the ultimate competition lives.

You knew it was bad when Kevin Love commented about Rubio’s status on Twitter. So he did not want to play in Minny. Then he tried to cover that up by saying that it was really about the buyout of his contract. Can the Wolves handle that? Then all this posturing back and forth coming from his father, mother, grandmother, relatives from generations past, and even his pet mice were playing mind games. Under all that smoke, the ugly truth reveals itself subtly. If he was drafted by New York or some big market city, he would have been in the League.

If the reports are true then Taylor lost in this badly played game. Reportedly, Ricky Rubio is now staying put. People looking on the bright side would say, “Oh well he’ll play out his 2 years there and come here.” That is simple, but 2 years of development in the NBA is lost forever. And who’s to say that Rubio is guaranteed to come to the NBA? Just because the Wolves have his rights doesn’t mean anything. Other people would say, “We can see if Jonny Flynn is a bust. If he is, Rubio will step right in after two years to be the starting point guard.”

Rubio is still an asset for the Wolves, but he could become a useless asset if he suffers a devastating injury such as a blown knee or a torn ACL. Nothing is guaranteed. Point is, the sooner you get him, the better. I’m pretty sure Minny was looking at Demar DeRozan, but Rubio seems to have much more potential.

Are the Wolves suffering from the Kevin Garnett curse? After the Joe Smith blunder, and Sprewell and Cassell left, Garnett kept on toiling away. Kevin McHale failed to put a competitive team again. Minny gave away Brandon Roy. Randy Foye was a disappointment. Kevin Love is nice, but he’s not an impact game changer like OJ Mayo. Corey Brewer is looking like a bust. Ricky Rubio might come to the NBA, but just not now. They’re just taking L’s left and right. So what if Rubio has Lebron-like following? So what if he’s doing Gillette commercials? So what? The Wolves need immediate production.

Look on the bright side – Al Jefferson is glorious.

What if Flynn becomes this stud point guard and Rubio gets severely injured overseas? Now you can’t trade him. Let’s hope that does not happen. I hope he comes very soon because The Wolves has had strings of bad luck.

Was picking Rubio another mistake in the long line of blunders they made?