Thursday , Aug , 20 , 2009 J.N.

Gilbert Arenas and Elton Brand: What to Expect?

Gilbert Arenas and Elton Brand: What to Expect?While everyone else in the NBA world is talking about Allen Iverson being possibly banished from the NBA and Stephon Marbury just not caring about anything else except for the weed and converting SUVs, Agent Zero and Elton Brand are working hard with a vengeance to get prominent again. It gets very easy to count these guys out especially from me who has labeled Brand as “not that much of a difference maker.” I still stand by that. The Hibachi is a player I have my eye on, too, just because he has too much swag to let injuries keep him down. Run it back.

What to expect and who will have the better bounce back season?

We haven’t heard much from Philly. The only squeak was that management was not shopping Brand around. Rightfully so, they should not although that has to be regarded as a half truth. Half of them are thinking, “My goodness what did we get ourselves in to?” That type of thinking is fine to explore since many of us once thought we had a sure thing. There are many things that can go wrong, and sometimes, they do. If I was Philly, one more season with the Brand man is the way to go. The past 2 seasons have been disastrous. If the trend continues then it is time to “Penny Hardaway” him out of there. Elton Brand, at best, can play up to 75 games max this upcoming season with that injury prone body of his – that should be good enough. Let’s hope that Brand does not fall into the “Patrick Ewing mode” where the team plays better without him. It’s scary enough that the Sixers proved that last season, but then they had Andre Miller controlling tempo.

Worst case scenario: He gets injured again collecting free money.

Best case scenario: He defies the odds and breaks the stereotype of Duke’s players amounting to nothing in the NBA.

Gilbert Arenas is more intriguing to define. He went into media blackout mode within the past few months. Not a peep from him, oh no, not a peep. The man is working on his game trying to back up his words, “Do NOT drop me in fantasy basketball. Believe!” Word on the streets is that The Hibachi is heating up. No more cheap “Agent Zero” talk on Let’s do something. If the recent stuff about him is true then he is back. Someone recently taped Arenas balling it up in DC at Barry Farms.

I hope this materializes on an NBA court soon because the last two seasons for him have been absolute gutter trash.

Worst Case Scenario: He is injured and speaks his mind on while playing NBA 2K10 on the Xbox 360. Again.

Best Case Scenario: He’s a 25+ points per game scorer, 6 assists, and 4 rebounds player earning his way back to the All Star game leading the Wizards back to the playoffs.

Which one will have the greater comeback?