Monday , Aug , 24 , 2009 J.N.

Twitter and NBA players just don’t mix well.

Twitter and NBA players just don't mix well.Super Cool Beas has checked himself into rehab for substance abuse and possible psychological problems. What got him in to this hot mess? One word – Twitter. Sharing and advertising stuff is great among social networking media outlets for friends and close relatives, but using common sense should always be somewhere in the mind. Facebook and Twitter are making these last gladiators of combat look like mere mortals. I like to think of them as superheroes of the hardwood. I see them as fantasy stat stuffers.

It’s a pain to view them as people with real problems because that takes away the glamorized superhuman persona that they inhabited ever since they found out they were gifted with a basketball. Of course, they are real people. I know that, but I can see how it is sad for kids to know this stuff. It’s like finding out that Santa Claus does not exist. In the end, the mystique is gone. Sometimes innocence goes along with it. Let’s just keep that ideal image of these athletes getting stuff done on the court. We shouldn’t care less about the stuff they do off the court. Let the law system deal with that.

Many of the players smoke weed. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but it is a bad look to have that stuff seen by many all over the Internet. Lock up those tweets. We do not want anyone looking at those twit pictures and knowing what you’re truly thinking or doing. I do understand the need to keep in touch with the fan base while creating new fans and advertising stuff. That’s fine. There’s nothing with any of that, but just be more careful with the pictures.

Michael Beasley, you had time to look at the picture with the new angel wings tattoo. There was a bag of weed sitting right there. If that was me, I would think, “Oh no. That’s incriminating. Perhaps I should remove that bag of weed. I don’t want people having the wrong impression.” Take it from Shaquille O’Neal. He does Twitter the better way. He barely posts any pictures. He just keeps it “thoughts” and “activities.” That’s it. Ron Artest is twittering every 5 seconds or so and Charlie Villanueva has made it his mission to tweet during games. That’s fine. By all means, go for it. Imagine if Plaxico Burress had a Twitter account posting up stuff such as “About to hit the club. Kinda worried. Gonna bring protection.” Then hours later he posts from his cell, “Oh snap! I just shot myself in the leg!”

Who wants that?

It saddens me to see Michael Beasley in this state of mind. The human side has been exposed. He’s no longer a superhero of the hardwood. His mental health is more important than what he’s smoking to be honest. Since he’s that mentally damaged, I don’t think he’ll fulfill the gifts that he is blessed with.

And at this moment, a friend of mine just text me, “Derrick Rose > Michael Beasley confirmed?”

Should NBA players stay away from Twitter for their own safety?